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Broadband – without Telstra control

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bigpond logo Published by Herald-Sun. 18 Dec 08

quoteTelstra could place $80bn compensation claim against the Federal Government

Article from: AAP  December 18, 2008 04:44pm

THE Federal Government could face a compensation claim of more than $80 billion if Telstra is forced to provide the company that builds the national broadband network access to its existing infrastructure.

Telstra’s exclusion has left three bidders – Optus, Canadian outfit Axia and a syndicate of Australian businessmen called Acacia – in the running to roll out the network. It’s likely the company that eventually wins the bid would need access to Telstra’s existing network. “Telstra’s network is private property,” Mr Ries said.

COMMENT: I’m not too sure that “the company that eventually wins the bid would need access to Telstra’s existing network“.  We are now in the digital age and that does not depend on copper wires. One day, and not too far away, landline infrastructure will become totally obsolete in favour of wireless.  The infrastructure is so old and dilapidated that no one will be able to afford to maintain it – let alone replace it. We can only hope that the Government sticks to it’s guns and allows the other bidders to completely bypass the ‘landline’ infrastructure.  As the technology advances, Australia will never have ‘world best practice’ in broadband if it is in any way dependent upon copper wires.


Written by Greg Naylor

21 December 2008 at 12:00 pm

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  1. Telstra are sore. They have a monopoly, yet the government wont let them run the country like some kind of banana republic. Time to call the marines I suppose.


    22 December 2008 at 2:03 pm

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