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Where do our new councillors stand

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It will be interesting to see how the blocs develop within our new Wangaratta Council.  The first indication comes with the issue of rating the residents of St John’s independent living units which, upon construction, were gazetted rate free on Charitable grounds.  The Wangaratta Chronicle hobbled together the following information after the question was raised at a pre-election ‘meet the candidates’ rally.

Cr Rozi Parisotto

Cr Rozi Parisotto

Cr Lauren ONeill

Cr Lauren O'Neill

Cr Doug McPhee

Cr Doug McPhee

Speaking out strongly against the move to rate the elderly at St Johns were Crs Rozi Parisotto and Lauren O’Neill whilst Doug McPhee believed council should honor agreements made with existing residents.

“As these units become available to new owners, then perhaps the new owners should pay rates and any new units be treated the same”

Cr Anthony Griffiths

Cr Anthony Griffiths

Cr Ron Webb

Cr Ron Webb

Both Crs Anthony Griffiths and Mayor Ron Webb said the issue needed further investigation, but Griffiths was reluctant to introduce a new toll on elderley residents

Comment: This correlates with both councillors background where Anthony Griffiths is a ‘thinker’ whilst Mayor Webb, in a previous life in CFA administration, was renowned for his insistance on fully researching an issue before comitting to an answer.

Cr Lisa McInerney

Cr Lisa McInerney

Cr Roberto Paino

Cr Roberto Paino

The rural city’s remaining councillors, Lisa McInerney and Roberto Paino indicated they were in favor of rating the units in the same way as other homes.

Comment: These two councillors would be expected to stick together as they are both from the ‘Appin Park Rotary Club’ grouping.

Now, it must be remembered that these opinions were expressed before the elections.  We will see how well they stick to their word when the issue is debated before council


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12 December 2008 at 3:57 pm

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