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Rewriting history

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A PROPOSAL to sell the DC2 “Uiver” aircraft for $20,000 to a Sydney enthusiast will be debated at Albury Council’s engineering and works committee meeting tonight. The city has received six submissions in response to its call earlier this year for those interested in rebuilding and using the plane.

In more affluent times, the idea of rebuilding an anonymous DC2 as a memorial replica to the crash landing of the DC2 “Uiver” – a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines entrant in the London to Melbourne air race back in 1934 was a nice touch to record local history and as a tourist attraction for Albury.

In these economic times however, it seems incredible that the Albury city council could even contemplate financing the restoration of the fake Uiver.

It  is time for the council to cut its losses and take the $20,000 on offer instead of putting the ratepayers into more debt on such a dubious memorial.

It annoys me to read the Border Mail article promoting the DC2 in Albury as the Uiver making no mention of the fact that the DC2 they have is not the real deal.

Border Mail update – 10 Dec 08: Hull urges look into real past of city’s ‘Uiver’

Here are some photos of the Albury leg of the race. Click on below images for a pictorial history of the Uiver including the wreck of the crash in December 1934.


Written by Greg Naylor

8 December 2008 at 1:30 pm

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  1. Oh, for Christ’s sake, just take the 20 grand and run. I think the whole Uiver thing is a joke, a myth and a beat up that – in reality – would do NOTHING to benefit tourism.

    Who gives a stuff about some jaded replica of a plane that accidentally landed at Albury some 70 years ago? I’ll tell you who – not one f****ing tourist, that’s for sure.

    Sell the piece of junk and be done with it.

    Ray Dixon (Bright)

    8 December 2008 at 11:19 pm

  2. I don’t think the originality of the “fake” is anywhere as noteworthy as the heroic act that unfolded on that fateful night. Just thinking about it has me admiring the countless individuals who risked life and limb to get that lost aircraft down safely by lining a makeshift runway with their cars in stormy weather. The outcome could have quite easily turned into a tragedy of profound proportions if that behemoth had’ve just skidded to one side a bit…

    Today’s way of looking back at where we have come from is to merely take everything for granted. That’s another reason why we are in this economic mess. We take too much for granted. Never hurts to look over one’s shoulder once in a while to see how far we’ve come. It won’t only get you a crook neck. 😉 It might even cultivate some respect for others’ brave sacrifices.

    I’ll probably get howled down for this, accused of living in the past, get told to move on and live in the future. But to me it’s like eating and drinking, everything in moderation, guys. Too much of one thing can lead to catastrophic results. Too much focus on money being just one example.


    9 December 2008 at 5:41 pm

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