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Watchdogging the news – 6.10.08

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Mills calls for ice cream to be made from breast milk Read original story here

Heather Mills believes ice cream should be made from human breast milk.

Heather Mills and PETA believe ice cream should be made from human breast milk. Click image for story

Now, how could I let this one get by without a comment.

Apparently, a Swiss restaurant owner will begin purchasing breast milk from nursing mothers and substituting it for 75 per cent of the cows’ milk in the food that he serves.  Would that be a B.Y.O restaurant?

Now, try to visualise the refitting of the world’s dairies to change from milking cows to milking nursing mothers.  That could probably end the udder problem of attracting the shortage of farm hands throughout the dairy industry.

Levi’s jeans ad – about as low as you can get – and I think it sucks!

Click image to view Levis ridiculously raunchy promotion to Unbutton Your Beast

Click image to view Levi's ridiculously raunchy promotion and 'Unbutton Your Beast'

Those old-fashioned button-fly jeans made by Levi Strauss Co. are being promoted in a new, sexually suggestive ad campaign called “Unbutton Your Beast.”

The promotion centers around an interactive website where you can choose from several characters to pop out of an unbuttoning fly of a pair of Levi’s. Then a message can be recorded, or chosen from a stock list, to accompany the visual image. The whole thing then is wrapped up and can be sent as an e-mail to friends. Please do not send it to me.

Pets secretly treated at human hospital Read original story here

How did you react to the news that pets with cancer were secretly treated at The Alfred hospital?  At first I was appalled but upon thinking it through I concluded, why not!  Surely, the more practice the radiologists get – albeit on cars and dogs – the better their skills will be when you or I need their services.

Australian dollar falls to lowest in two years Read original story here

Why?  I thought it was the US economy that was in danger of collapse and that the Australia economy was insulated against the global recession – well that’s what they are telling us!  Now, the Australian dollar is falling in value and the Reserve Bank slashes rates by 1 per cent .  What am I missing here?

Economics 101 – what the global meltdown really means Read original story here

Associate Professor Steve Keen is from the school of economics and finance at the University of Western Sydney tries to explain what it means to the average Australian


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7 October 2008 at 12:00 am

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