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What’s on around Wangaratta – 19 September

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The following information is reprinted from the 19th September edition of Cultural Capers listing Entertainment, Arts and Culture from Across the North East Region. More detail is available here.
  • Heritage Idol Festival: The Search for our Oldest things 30 Aug – 21 Sept
  • Moyhu Farmer’s Market & Heritage Idol Show & Tell – 20 Sept
  • Bordescros Medieval Display 20 Sept 2008
  • Dwell and Exhibition About Where We Live – 20 Sept – Feb 09
  • Bead & Bauble September Program – Sept 08
  • Spring Carer Workshops – various throughout Spring
  • Highton Manor Dinner Dance – 20 Sept
  • Live & Times (Art Exhibition) 6 Sept – 5 Oct
  • Un4Seen (Art Exhibition) 20 Sept – 6 Oct
  • French Choral Masterpieces – Three Choirs Festival – 20 & 21 Sept
  • Friends of the Gallery AGM – 23 Sept
  • Jazz Art Awards – Entries Close 26 Sept
  • Aequales Ensemble (Chamber Music) 28 Sept
  • Spirit of the Land – Artists Entries Close 29 Sept
  • Make a Wish Australia – Art & Photography Exhibition 1 – 18 Oct
  • Regional Arts Australia Conference 3 – 5 Oct
  • King Valley Shed Wine Show – 4 Oct
  • Family Fun Day & BBQ for Make A Wish Foundation – 5 Oct
  • Wangaratta Senior’s Festival – 5 – 12 Oct
  • TxtArt – Youth Textile Group – 6 Oct
  • Wangaratta Show  10 – 11 Oct
  • City of Wodonga Children’s Fair – 12 Oct
  • Jazz Art Next Youth Awards – Entries Close 17 Oct
  • Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues – 31 Oct – 4 Nov
  • Italian Heritage Exhibition – Calling for Contributions
  • Community Singing for fun – Thursday evenings commencing 7 Aug
  • Ostinato – Meets Every Tuesday
  • Art, Community & Education (Graduate Course @ LaTrobe)
  • Cafe Concert Series 2008 – through to 21 Nov

Reality check on Australia’s standing in the International community … Read full story here

“Well to be frank about it, most Americans, like 99 per cent, have no idea there’s a new government in Australia,” visiting US diplomat Derek Shearer said.  According to this ‘diplomat’, it never much matters who leads Australia, as their influence will always be limited to reacting to whatever America does next. In terms of Iraq, he said, Americans don’t care that Mr Rudd withdrew troops, in fact most don’t even know former prime minister John Howard sent them there.

Being such lemmings, I guess we should simply hand the nation to the Yanks and all go and jump off the cliff.

China’s milk scandal imvolves New Zealand’s Fonterra company

Fonterra is a global supplier of dairy ingredients co-operatively owned by more than eleven thousand New Zealand dairy farmers.

(Bloomberg) — A week before the Beijing Olympics began on Aug. 8, officials in Shijiazhuang, China, learned that baby formula made by one of the city’s biggest companies was tainted with a toxic chemical. They said nothing.

When this story broke, we automatically assumed poor Chinese business practices for the contamination.  Now we find that the NZ based Fonterra, who also control much of Australia’s milk supplies, is the company behind the deliberate addition of melamine to raise the protein level – and the financial return to Chinese dairy farmers.

Melamine is a plasticiser used in the manufacture of laminex and high quality plastic dinnerware.  Melamine does not raise the protein level of milk, it corrupts the protein testing to show a higher protein level – and is inherently dishonest.

Melamine is an antifungal and fire retardant so it has other useful properties to extend shelf life of food products, and further encourage its use. And it is inexpensive. It can also be used as “mood stabilizers” and anti-anxiety drugs. Very very useful if you happen to be trying to keep a population of billions in side the box.

If Fonterra add this material to milk in China we must ask is it also added in Australia and New Zealand.  If it is, there will be hell to pay.  If it isn’t, that would imply that Fonterra are in the indefencible position of knowingly using the practice for profits at all costs whilst ignoring the health of babies worldwide.  In an attempt to distance themselves from the scandal,  Fonterra claimed contaminated milk in China was sabotaged. That does nothing for their credibility


Written by Greg Naylor

22 September 2008 at 12:00 am

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  1. Bloody hell, Greg, that Fonterra story is troubling indeed. Which buttons need to be pressed to ascertain about our milk?

    Regards, JR


    22 September 2008 at 6:17 am

  2. They have probably had us on ‘mood stabiiseres’ for years. We are well known for our ignorance and our apathy. Anyhow, I really wouldn’t have a clue and besides, I couldn’t give a stuff either! 😉

    Greg Naylor

    22 September 2008 at 9:15 am

  3. Now, now, Greg, that’s not like you at all.


    22 September 2008 at 4:33 pm

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