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The inhumanity of Australia’s military

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Australian Defence Force

The pens which were used to hold suspected Taliban militants measuring 1.4 metres high, 1.2 metres wide and one metre deep. Photo: Australian Defence Force

We decried the Howard Government for supporting the US treatment of prisoners of war in Iraq … of the abandonment of David Hicks in Guantanamo Bay … and now we are employing the same inhumane tactics in Afghanistan under the Rudd Government

Listen to the original ABC radio AM broadcast and tell me you are not ashamed of our armed forces in Afghanistan …

Audio: Aussie soldiers accused of mistreating Afghan prisoners … original ABC radio AM – 03.09.08 (3 min.)

An editorial on says, “We are locked in a war in which the enemy does not play by the rules.”  Does that mean we have the right to ignore the rules of war – of course not!

It continues, “The consequences of playing the game like gentlemen in this new world, where anonymous assassins target innocent men, women and children, are that your own people die or you fail to win the war. Yet this is a war our side must win — and wars have to be won as quickly as possible. If someone has to spend a night in a dog pen along the way, surely that is the least of our worries.”

The article linked to the photo above says,”Australian soldiers are well known as the best fighters in the world and the fairest fighters in the world, always complying with their rules of engagement and always consistent with international law.”

Well this incident proves it is easier for evildoers to lower others to their depths than it is for those who do good to elevate others to their heights.

We are not even a signatory to NATO and, whilst we are contributing to that war effort, there can be no excuse for sinking to the levels of the barbarian.  What other inhumane activities are our diggers up to?

It seems the cages used by our diggers were not designed for dogs after all – (that makes it different?) .  The photo shows lots of them and, if they were not for dogs, could it be they were there to hold prisoners?  This new information avoids the allegations, “that Australian soldiers beat and humiliated four Taliban suspects who were captured in a raid and held overnight at a remote forward operating base”.  No matter what the cages were designed for, a portable prison of this nature is still inhumane … read full story here


Written by Greg Naylor

3 September 2008 at 3:26 am

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  1. And supported by Rudd as well as the ex-Howard rabble. But what can you expect from a party that can’t even spell Labour.


    4 September 2008 at 9:19 am

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