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Natural Disaster update – August 2008

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A year ago, I posted an article titled, “15 Natural disasters in August 2007“, which became the most read post on this site. It is time for an update. In 2007, the number of natural disasters reported to the end of August was 79 – this year it is down to 56.

In that post, I speculated that there are more natural disasters since we have become aware of Climate Change. Well, there goes my theory! Only eight have been reported for August 2008 as follows:

Relief Web is the premier site reporting on the humanitarian involvement in natural disasters sourcing information from governments NGO,News and Media, UN and International sources. I commend this site to you

the weekend news

Overcoming skills shortages with Pacific Islander Guest Workers is one thing but accepting those with AIDS is another – now that’s a skill we can do without.

They tell us that 5 million Afghans ‘face serious food shortages’ as a result of the cumulative effect of factors including the harsh winter, high food prices, drought and increasing and spreading insecurity. Now 20 years of conflict would have nothing to do with that, would it?

On the home front, Lee Kernaghan accuses Rudd of abandoning the bush by re-branding drought as climate change and not giving the farmers the support they need to survive.

Rumour has it that Bill Sykes reported in for work this morning – his face a little sun burnt but he was otherwise fit after having completed the Joey at Falls Creek on Saturday. Bill’s placing of 168 out of 174 doesn’t tell the whole story – he actually went around the 7km course twice – in training for competing in the 21km course next year! … Yeah!!

And to roundout the weekend sport, the Moyhu Hoppers got caught with 19 players on the ground in their semi-final with Whoroully and had their score wiped out … Stupid!

Also this week, the Federal Government has announced the funding allocation for each local council out of nearly $1.9 billion in Financial Assistance Grants (FAGs) across Australia.  Wangaratta scored an extra $500,000 for a total of $5,360,240 doing a lot better than Wodonga ($3,979,180) and Alpine ($3,060,770). Details of each council’s allocation are available at

This gives the RCoW a surplus of $331,000 not budgeted for this year – Don’t worry, they’ll find something useless to spend it on!



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1 September 2008 at 12:00 am

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  1. So, there’s hope for that “old” comedy duo yet then?


    1 September 2008 at 12:43 am

  2. Maybe it’s time for that redneck Lee ‘Aussie of the year’ Kernaghan to ‘pass the hat around’ again? I’m sure the stupid 10 gallon cowboy hat he wears is now too small for his swelled head. Go back to Tamworth, yokel!


    1 September 2008 at 1:56 am

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