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Greg’s Greatest Journey – Weekly Update

Dear family and friends

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Just a short note this week to bring you up to date. Fortunately, I have been on top of things this week as Pauline went down with a bad case of the flu. On Monday morning, she had to be taken to Wangaratta hospital by ambulance and has spent the rest of the week recuperating.

My son David came to the rescue and stayed a couple of days to help out. It made me realise how scary it could be if this happened when I was having a bad time with my situation.


Scientists: Save Planet Have Fewer Kids
08-28-2008 Read Full Article Here

There are plenty of ways to cut your carbon footprint, whether it’s driving less or buying an energy-efficient refrigerator. But the British Medical Journal, in an editorial last month, urged a more controversial one: having fewer children. –  Limiting family size is “the simplest and biggest contribution anyone can make to leaving a habitable planet for our grandchildren,” the editorial’s authors said.

Speedy Broadband Slow To Reach Rural Australia

The government’s $4.7 billion broadband extravaganza looks set to not be the quick fix solution Australian internet users have been praying for. Australian residents living in Metropolitan areas could be connecting as early as April next year, while it is estimated rural Australia could be waiting up to five years depending on which provider wins the bid.

AFP drops probe into Haneef


Dr Haneef was arrested at Brisbane International Airport as he boarded a plane for Bangalore on July 2 last year, after police linked his mobile phone SIM card to botched terror attacks in Britain. He was held for 12 days before being charged with supporting a terrorist organisation.  Meanwhile, his visa was cancelled by then immigration minister Kevin Andrews just hours after a Brisbane magistrate granted him bail on July 16, ensuring he remained in detention. The case later collapsed for lack of evidence.  This blog was very vocal about the injustice against this man.  The posts are listed below:


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30 August 2008 at 12:00 am

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  1. Glad to read you were able to see your way through another crisis, Greg and please pass my best wishes on to Pauline.

    As for the Haneef saga, why is it so hard for pollies to understand that no matter what the circumstances / evidence may point to, every person is entitled to be dealt with by the law. The Howard government stands condemned for the way it reacted in this case. And don’t start me on the “children overboard / Tampa” election con.


    30 August 2008 at 4:47 am

  2. it’d be great to see Kevin Andrews facing charges, something like “perverting the course of justice”, I suspect a good deal of the documentation shredded after Howard’s ousting related to the bungling of the Haneef affair.

    I’ve actually considered having fewer children to be an environmental contributiuon for a long time Greg, it makes perfect sense, the overwhelming majority of environmental problems are caused by overcrowding, fewer people is the only way to redress this.

    Trouble is, people are ultimately selfish and think it’s vitally important for the future of the human race that THEIR specific genes be handed down to future generations, laiden with inhereited genetic disorders or not.
    Hope Pauline is feeling better soon too Greg.


    30 August 2008 at 11:56 am

  3. Just how much we rely on certain people can be brought into sharp relief when they’re out of action. I’m glad to hear you’re coping, and my best wishes to Pauline with her recovery.

    As for having fewer kids, that’s a no brainer… almost. In one sense, people in the western world consume many times the resources of people any where else on earth. Fewer westerners, less consumption.

    But it’s not that simple. Our rate of consumption isn’t just a function of our population size, it’s also a function of our power. We consume so much because we have so much money and so much power.

    Fewer children would create a smaller market for consumption in the western world, but population growth has been declining in the western world for some time. Our capitalism compensates for this by encouraging us each to consume more individually.

    I have committed to not having children, but it will be a meaningless gesture if I myself consume enough for me and those deferred children!

    To people who want a large family, who decide to have children, I’d say, don’t feel guilty! If you raise a family that doesn’t engage in toxic levels of consumption, that finds happiness in learning, caring, sharing, activism… you just might make a more positive society with citizens better equipped to tackle the problems we face.

    It’s not life itself that is the problem, it’s how we are approaching it!

    Kieran Bennett

    30 August 2008 at 12:08 pm

  4. JR: I’m sure pollies believe themselves to be above the law. It is not restricted to the Howard government. The Iguana Gate affair is just a minor example. The problem is that there appears to be no remedy when pollies do this sort of thing. So, I guess, pollies really are above the law.

    AWOL: The majority of the world’s problems (climate change, energy supplies, peak oil, food and resource shortages) are directly related to the exponential growth of the human race. There are simply not enough resources left to satisfy the need greed of our species. The resources we have no longer can be processed in time for their efficient consumption. We all know one answer is to consume less – the other is to decimate the world’s populaion. Which option will prevail?

    Keiran It is easy for a man to commit to not having children because it is not his role in the first place. If and when you commit to sharing your life with a woman, your commitment (or carelessness) might change things somewhat. The decision of individuals will not change population growth, it is going to have to be managed by social attitudes, government policies (e.g. China) or by the greatest influence of all – shortages in the necessities of life that restrict procreation. Maybe, nature will self correct by inflicting a pandemic upon us.

    Thanks all for your thoughts for Pauline and me.

    Greg Naylor

    30 August 2008 at 3:16 pm

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