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Old is good

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As part of the Generations Project the RCoW has developed the Heritage Idol Project featuring a quest to find our “oldest things” and a Festival jam-packed with activities which celebrate and acknowledge all things old – people, places, pets, traditions.

The Festival kicks off on 30 August with special guest comedian, Denise Scott hosting a special Show And Tell on the Deck at Tread.

The program incorporates a range of workshops, guided heritage walks / tours and a huge number of show and tell opportunities – there is something for everyone and even if you think you’re not into history or heritage, I am sure this program is sure to offer you a few different ways to engage
with heritage. There is also an appraisals day, where you can bring along your treasures and have them valued – September 6 September

A sample of the program
– Making Wagga Quilts
– Antiques Roadshow – appraisals day
– Basket Weaving
– Heritage Tree Walk
– Cemetery Tours
– Vintage & Classic Car display
– Show & Tell with Denise Scott
– Open Days Exhibitions and much more….  Sounds good … see you there

Surfing the interwebs on 22.08.08

A judge’s ruling today is a major victory for free speech and fair use on the Internet, and will help protect everyone who creates content for the Web. In Lenz v. Universal (aka the “dancing baby” case), Judge Jeremy Fogel held that content owners must consider fair use before sending takedown notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”).  You will notice my index pages carry a ‘fair use’ notice.

Here is an article about Internet Trolls. If you are on the internet, you NEED to know about Trolls. You need to know they exist and they do not live by the same rules that the rest of us live by.  They could care less if they hurt you. In fact they WANT to do everything in their POWER to hurt you… to make you quit… to even make you kill yourself!! … a must read

In the aftermath of euthenasia of the whale calf, they have now found a dead female whale that could have been it’s mother.  So, how did the mother whale die?  Natural causes or by the hand of man too?


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24 August 2008 at 12:00 am

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