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Peddling propaganda

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Olympic securityRounded up into torture camps: the ‘undesirables’ China doesn’t want you to see

By ANDREW MALONE  All By This Author –  15/08/2008 23:46:34
Less than 30 miles from the world-famous ‘Bird’s Nest’ Olympic stadium, bleak concrete camps containing Chinese dissidents and undesirables sit hidden from visitors’ eyes, in a horrifying echo of Hitler’s 1936 Olympics – Comments (24)

The cynicism of old age makes me question articles like this.  Sure, we all know that China is a totalitarian state but that, in itself, does not mean that the system does not work … for China.

Check the author’s other works above.  He is obviously employed to write propaganda pieces for “Mail Online”.

Read the comments and you will find that his readership is also very sceptical.

I have no idea of the ‘truth’ in China and I doubt if you do either.  However, let me remind you how Sydney stripped the streets of undesirables for the recent ‘World Youth Day’ program and for the APEC meeting last September.  There, they built barricades to lock up the worlds leaders protect the world’s leaders (from the Chasers).  I wonder what the other side’s propaganda merchants made of that.


Written by Greg Naylor

19 August 2008 at 12:00 am

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  1. I haven’t read the article in the link yet, Greg, and I probably won’t. But I have noticed that in the TV coverage of the ,games you don’t see a lot of Chinese people – full stop.

    It’s like this massive city of what, 8 million people (?), is almost deserted. The only Chinese you see are either officials, cheerleaders or some neatly groomed ‘spectators’ all decked out in typical western clothing. They are definitely hiding their own people from view. It’s like they’re ashamed of them.

    Regardless of what security measures we undertook at the Sydney Olympics, World Youth Day and the economic summit we did not hide our citizens from public view. There is something eerily quiet about the streets of Beijing.


    19 August 2008 at 1:31 pm

  2. Ray, I agree with you about the lack of Chinese at every event and in the streets in general.

    This post is not defending the Chinese authorities approach to the games or to their methods of the control of their population. I am simply annoyed at this type of unsubstantiated rhetoric which can only cloud the real truth. You simply cannot analyse propaganda as there are no known facts reported in these pieces

    Greg Naylor

    19 August 2008 at 2:15 pm

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