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Site Map and Index of Posts

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To make this site easier to use, I have created a site map and index page that covers every post dating back to June 2007 – all 178 of them. My thanks go to Ray Dixon for telling me how he created his index page.

The Index of ‘Greg’s Greatest Journey’ has also been moved to that page as it was beginning to get a bit long.

I had also included an index to the archives of the Blogspot site I had before moving across to this WordPress site. There are over 600 posts there dating back to 2002 – before Blogging became a craze – although many of them are direct copies of media releases from our local politicians et al.

Update: These posts have now been imported into WordPress bringing the total post count to 840.

Then there is the story of my website “Y2K Victoria” with links to the original site and a Radio Australia transcript referring to my Y2k site.

To cap it off, I have included the ‘About’ page which you would identify as ‘A Cynical Approach’.

To go there, simply click on my photo to the right. I’m pretty pleased with how it has turned out. Already, it is being well used with a sudden logging on to posts dating back a couple of years showing up in the Statistics.

Please tell me what you think.


Written by Greg Naylor

23 July 2008 at 11:00 am

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5 Responses

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  1. Greg did you know that you can import all of your Blog spot posts and their comments to this site and it is not hard to do just in case you feel like consolidating your stuff into one place. the stay in the date order and everything. 🙂

    Iain Hall

    23 July 2008 at 5:46 pm

  2. I didn’t know that – I’m giving it a go.
    That will give me something to fill the day in tomorrow – editing those 600+ posts
    The import worked well although some images did not come through. (unimportant)
    These 684 posts are now integrated into the archive monthly lists.
    It has been good for me, at lease, to consolidate and then examine my opinions over all those years by searching for topics. I have to categorise them all yet and that will take a few weeks.Thanks for upping my workload Iain 😉

    Greg Naylor

    23 July 2008 at 7:38 pm

  3. No worries Greg , I only know about it because that is what I did when I went to WordPress 🙂

    Iain Hall

    24 July 2008 at 5:43 am

  4. I’m getting confused here Greg, your index is coming up as the home page. Anyway, looking forward to tomorrow – is it all confirmed with the others? Cheers.


    25 July 2008 at 12:12 pm

  5. Ray, I set the index as the home page deliberately to see what reaction it has and to force readers into knowing that an index exists. I will proably drop it in a few days

    Greg Naylor

    25 July 2008 at 1:48 pm

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