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I’ll only take the savings …

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This poem was penned by Colleen Jones – a 60 year old, peace loving grandmother who in her own words has never ‘demonstrated’ before, participating in anti-pipeline demonstrations at Sugarloaf Reservoir because she is so angry about what Mr Brumby and Co are doing.

Colleen is one of many grass roots people who for the first time in their life is speaking out publicly about what she considers to be a gross injustice.

Colleen can be contacted on Ph: 5773 4318 or email:

I’ll only take the savings … by Colleen Jones

“I’ll only take the savings” our premier says with zest
But if he was a true-blue he’d tell about the rest.
We know he doesn’t mean it, ‘cause he will not take the test
And put in place the upgrades first, to show that it is best.

He cannot take the high road, when he will not show Just Cause,
To send from dry north to wet south, like dear old Santa Claus,
To promise Melbourne people, that they’ll have new water source
When Brumby, as is usual, puts the cart before the horse!

He’ll take the water from our land at high and mighty cost,
He’ll take it o’er a mountain, until it all is lost.
He’ll take it with a vengeance, for he doesn’t give a toss
About the country and the bush, the farmers and the dross.

For we are nought but whingers and the unwashed far and wide,
The nongs and quasi terrorists from north of the Great Divide.
We cannot know the truth of things or stop the changing tide
He says, this unelected one, with nowhere left to hide.

He thinks that he can hoodwink us with all his crazy lies,
But just because we do not wash, does not mean we’re unwise.
The Auditor and General, our fears he justifies,
For Brumby doesn’t do it right, no matter how he tries.

They haven’t done their homework and they haven’t done their sums,
Their tests are done by those who’ll benefit if it comes,
They don’t know what, or if it will, but beat upon their drums
If you ask me they must all be, sitting on their thumbs.

We know there is no water for we live upon upon the land,
The rivers are in strife and there’s no more rain at hand.
Mr Brumby tells us that his crazy plan is Grand,
But he won’t be a happy man, till the Goulburn’s running sand.

Or till the mountains crumble along the ridge so blue,
Till vegetation all is gone, till all that’s left to view
Is only dust and massive pumps and massive engines too,
The Valley just a poisonous plot of environmental glue.

The Murray it is dying where it runs into the sea
Lake Albert, like Alexandrina is a salt pan soon to be,
If you paddle on the Goulburn where you meet the Murray free
Your paddle strikes the bottom, but that’s all right you see…..

For he’ll “only take the savings” that are made from what they make,
When they upgrade all the waterways and give it such a shake,
That e’en though the irrigators are not getting all their stake,
In future there will be so much – but that’s not all he’ll take!

For Brumby isn’t such a dill he doesn’t yet believe
That rainfall is decreasing, and you know what that will leave,
No water they can allocate, they’ll leave us here to grieve
With water running down the pipe, while Brumby still deceives.

For with the propaganda and the “water-savings” hype,
With the politicians’ saving grace and acting true to type,
There isn’t much that we can do, except to bitch and gripe,
And tell deceitful Brumby – WHERE HE CAN STICK THE PIPE!

Written by Greg Naylor

8 May 2008 at 12:48 pm

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  1. Yeah the pipeline is an attrocious idea, no dispute there, the de-salination plant too, a disaster in the making.
    What I find remarkable is that on the issue of the pipeline, the Greens and the far right are actually unanimous.

    Obviously voters in effected regions therefore have a number of “anti-pipeline” options at the ballot box, I suspect however, that overwhelmingly the constituents of those areas will take the crack-pot option (Family First, the Nationals or whatever other myopic retrograde flat earth party happens to run a candidate) because “gasp, shock HORROR” those Greenies “support GAY marriage!!!!”.

    The apparent inability of many people in the affected areas to think progressively even when faced with their own imminent destruction stretches my capacity to feel unreservedly sympathetic to their plight I have to admit.

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