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News Digest – 9 April

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Climate change serious – beer affected | Herald Sun
BEER will be in short supply, more expensive and may taste different as climate change affects barley production, a scientist says. … finally, a real threat to our way of life

By 2017, biofuel will meet 10% of transport needs |The Times of India
NEW DELHI: Disregarding the consequences of the use of scarce land to grow biofuels on the environment and food security, India is readying a national biofuel policy, which aims to set a target of meeting about 10% of total transport fuel with bio-fuels by 2017 … and Germany has just abolished their biofuels targets because it is still damaging too many vehicles

Environment: As Prices Rise, Farmers Spurn Conservation
Thousands of farmers are taking their fields out of the government’s biggest conservation program, which pays them not to cultivate. They are spurning guaranteed annual payments for a chance to cash in on the boom in wheat, soybeans, corn and other crops.

Wind powers Melbourne tram
THE St Kilda Beach to East Brunswick tram is now powered by “green” electricity bought from Pacific Hydro’s wind power. Public Transport Minister Lynne Kosky announced the “wind-powered” Yarra Tram service on Friday as a part of the State Government’s bid to promote environmentally friendly public transport and energy. “The Brumby Government currently buys more than 10 per cent GreenPower, and this will increase to 25 per cent by 2010,” Environment and Climate Change Minister Gavin Jennings said. … what a load of hot air crap.

Australia’s own ‘peak oil’
“With only about a decade of known oil resources remaining at today’s production rates, Australia is looking down the barrel of a $25bn trade deficit in petroleum products by 2015,” Mr Ferguson said. “… it is vitally important to encourage exploration in our frontier basins because they are the most likely places where a big new oil province may be discovered. … Why then do we keep planning road systems for more private vehicles?

Why a Charter of Rights is important to Indigenous Australians
The most revealing indicator that the NT intervention was not consistent with human rights principles was the provision at the centre of the legislative machinery used to support the intervention, namely suspending the operation of Racial Discrimination Act. … No promise made by the new government is more important for the future of a just Australia than its commitment to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait population. Lets hold them to it. (Malcolm Fraser)


Written by Greg Naylor

9 April 2008 at 11:04 pm

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