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Sandy Keane on ‘climate change’ motion

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I hope the media is covering this month’s State Liberal Council. I couldn’t believe the following article which appeared in The Age March 28, page 4. Looks like denialists and dinosaurs still roam free in once-proud Liberal-land….

Liberals wary of `climate change’ tag

A MOTION to ban the term “climate change”when referring to man-made environmental impacts will be debated at next month’s state Liberal council as the party wrestles over its position on global warming.

The agenda for the Liberal state-council includes the proposition “that the party avoids using the term `climate change’ when referring to man-made environmental impacts.”

The agenda says the term is favoured by green activists “as this implies man’s responsibility for all change in the environment.”

“Their aim is to dismantle the industrial economy,” notes to the motion warn. “We can still have a debate on how we can reduce our impact on the global environment – but the Party needs to be wary of accepting the (green activists’) premise in our policy.”

A separate motion calls for the Federal Government to instruct its climate change investigator Ross Garnaut to “provide evidence as to the extent of the contribution of human activity to global warming.”

State policy debates will include a motion for “land-based treatment and disposal” of toxic silt dredged from the Yarra river as part of the channel deepening project, and a motion to abolish stamp duty.

Just before the 2007 Federal Elections, I checked the Young Libs website. Here were some of the guaranteed vote-losers:

  • “Policy 2: Supports the introduction of nuclear power as a clean alternative energy source”
  • “Policy 3: Recognises the lack of scientific consensus regarding both the existence and impact of man-made global warming”
  • Policy 5: Calls upon the Federal Government to not take any drastic action to address alleged manmade global warming until there is conclusive scientific evidence of its existence”
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Written by Greg Naylor

4 April 2008 at 3:36 pm

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  1. The irony here is that the term ‘Climate Change’ was coined by spinmiesters for the Republican party in the USA because it was less alarming than the term ‘Global Warming’.

    Dave from Albury

    5 April 2008 at 6:24 am

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