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News Digest – 1 April 2008

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GM Leads Ford in Sales of Imaginary Hybrid Vehicles
GM announced sales figures for it’s fleet of hypothetical always soon to be produced Hybrid Vehicles. The GM figures for the Chevy Tahoe/GMC Yukon hybrids and Volt Models easily out paced Fords mythical Escape hybrid. According to the final figures the two Auto makers imaginary Hybrid production reached 185,000 vehicles for the first quarter of 2008. (1 Apr 08 – Ucs Automotive News)

Mercury and the new fluorescent bulbs
This is one of these issues that too few want to talk about seriously: While environmentalists and public officials gloss over the dangers of mercury in bulbs, their own instructions for handling broken bulbs points to a hazard more serious than they wish to discuss. (26 Mar 08 – Star Tribune)

Soaring food prices causing crop thefts
In December, 37 countries faced a food crisis, reports the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, and 20 nations had imposed some form of food-price controls. The skyrocketing prices have prompted millers to default on rice supply contracts and bandits to steal rice as they aim to hoard the crop, and sell it later, as prices continue to rise. (27 Mar 08 – Christian Science Monitor)

Mugabe told not to declare his victory
A crisis meeting of Robert Mugabe’s security cabinet decided to block the opposition from taking power after what appears to have been a comprehensive victory in Zimbabwe’s elections but was divided between using a military takeover to annul the vote and falsifying the results.
(1 Apr 08 – Guardian)

Australia: Doors opening for guest-worker plan
Australia is a step closer to accepting Pacific Island workers under a temporary arrangement to meet labour shortages. In a signal that the Government is looking to ease immigration laws and allow Pacific Islanders to work in Australia, parliamentary secretary for Pacific Island affairs Duncan Kerr has challenged Australian industry to show precisely where more workers are needed.
(31 Mar 08 – glabourwriters)

Demands For Crackdown On U.S. Biofuel Scam
The European Union is being urged to take action to stop a biofuel trading scam that exploits U.S. agricultural subsidies and undermines the fight against global warming. Up to 10% of biofuel exports from the U.S. to Europe are believed to be part of the rogue scheme reaping big profits for agricultural trading firms. (1 Apr 08 – Free Internet Press)

Gore To Recruit 10 Million-Strong Green Army
Al Gore Monday launched a drive to mobilize 10 million volunteers to force politicians to act on climate change. The initiative aims to build up pressure on the next U.S. president to support stringent mandatory emissions controls when they come before Congress, and take a leadership role at the renegotiation of the Kyoto treaty. (1 Apr 08 – Free Internet Press)

Written by Greg Naylor

1 April 2008 at 12:31 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Are these April Fool jokes Greg? This one isn’t:

    What do you think about this proposal? Is it good news for the King Valley? It’s certainly a bad result for the Alpine Shire.


    1 April 2008 at 2:35 pm

  2. Only the top one about Ford and GM is a joke, Ray.
    I have responded to you post listed above.

    Greg Naylor

    1 April 2008 at 8:24 pm

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