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Weekend Watchdogging – 2 Feb 08

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Hatchet job on a Champion:
This week has seen the deliberate destruction of Wayne Carey with a new scandalous report every day. Today (Sunday) we read Carey involved in another incident (SMH) and that he spent time in a Las vegas jail. The Age tells of Carey – a life of near hits and many misses whilst Phil Cleary (Herald Sun) calls for a register of bashers in wake of Carey. The Age talks of the Dark side of the hoon they called the King and the Adelaide Advertiser demands we Make Wayne Carey pay – or count the cost … and there is more! It seems the establishment has had enough.

Not Seen to be Done:
A SYDNEY man who supplied the cocaine which caused the fatal overdose of a prostitute he was partying with has been given an 18-month good behaviour bond and fined $300. Eiither demolition worker Dennis Tsokas, 39, is better connected than the rest of us or Judge Norrish is too far out of step with community expectations of the justice system.

Also out of step is Mick Keelty who has been slapped down by the Rudd Government over his call for a ban on media reporting of counter-terrorism cases. It’s time for Mick Keelty to move on. There are plenty of dictators and neo-conservative governments out there who would welcome him with open arms. That’s not the type of Federal Police force we want when we have ASIO who already operate that way admitting it was a known possibility from the outset former that terror suspect Mamdouh could be transferred to Egypt for ‘interrogation’.

Move On:
Two more relics of the past are desperately hanging on to their Howard legacy whilst Sharman Stone and Malcolm Turnbull are ready to say sorry to the stolen generation. Australia has moved on and so too should Brendon Nelson and Tony Abbott.

Saving the Planet:
The Change the Globe initiative announced by John Brumby will reduce Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions by about 300,000 tonnes and wipe a combined $40 million off household energy bills. And Herald Sun readers will play a leading role in meeting the climate-change challenge with free energy-efficient globes available in Saturday’s paper. The article is billed, John Brumby’s global beacon of hope … that this will defer the inevitable power overload crunch that is being predicted?

Feeling the Heat:
AUSTRALIA had its hottest January on record this year, with the dry continent heating up as part of the global warming process, the bureau of meteorology said.

On the Move:
Watch for news of the spread of bird flu across Asia. In the last week, The Jakarta Post has reported 4 more unrelated deaths bringing the Indonesian toll to 102. Indonesia has recorded nearly half the 222 human deaths from bird flu detected worldwide since the virus began decimating poultry stocks in Asia in late 2003. It is spreading rapidly in Tibet, Pakistan and India as well.

That’s Sick:
VICTORIA is about to enter one of its worst “doctor droughts”, with many residents likely to find themselves shut out of their local clinic unless they are already on the books, the Australian Medical Association has warned. This is already the case in Wangaratta.

Written by Greg Naylor

2 February 2008 at 8:09 am

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  1. Carey will never recover from this “bashing”, as he’s now almost permanently unemployable. He’s brought it on himself but the media has gone too far. In the end that might actually be his salvation – ie he’s already copped so much punishmen that if he can turn his life around everyone will forgive him (everyone except Phil Cleary of course, but what else do you expect from a VFA hack who never made it to the big league and was a failure as an independent federal MP too?)

    I think Carey should have gone straight from footy into coaching and not the media. He’s got a great footy brain and that might have kept him out of trouble. It’s disturbing though to read about all these underground murderers & thugs he has associated with.

    I wish him well – he was one the greatest footballers ever, and twice as good as G Ablett Snr in my opinion.


    3 February 2008 at 6:53 pm

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