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Trout cod and the King River

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The original post, Future of alien fish – read trout – on the line, was about the Murray Darling Basin Commission project titled “Native fish recovery following the removal of alien fish species“ and the implied threat to remove trout from the whole of the Murray Darling Basin.

The very use of the word alien is emotive, Many of these non-native fish, such as trout and redfin, were deliberately acclimatised whilst others such as european carp were illegally introduced. It is as emotive as the DSE referring to feral trees and infers that they must be removed at all costs.

Through the comments to the original post, I have learned from Will Trueman that right now senior people from angling groups representing trout and native fish anglers are meeting to develop a system of stream classification whereby some streams will be earmarked for long term development as fisheries for native fish and others to be retained, managed and developed as trout fisheries. no closures involved

He has also advised that the plan is once a self sustaining population of trout cod is developed to phase in angling for them. in fact the government is about to announce the development of a pilot fishery for them in the ovens valley

If the King River is to be designated a trout cod water, now is the time to make it happen. As a result of the 2006/7 bushfires, the trout population has been all but destroyed downstream of the dam.

Open it as a ‘fly only’ trout cod fishery this season and you might even discourage the locals from trying to re-establish the trout population.


Written by Greg Naylor

30 January 2008 at 7:46 pm

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  1. thanks greg

    i recognise what you have done here, and applaud it.

    i dont think we can do things overnight. you and i know the wheels of government can turn slow. the idea is to develop long term sustainable fisheries whether they be trout or native fish, so they cant introduce a bag limit now, they’ve only just got evidence that the trout cod are breeding. they have stopped stocking them in the ovens. i think the plan is to stock a lake in the area straight away for fishing. getting the first one through is the hardest. the fisherman have argued that in the near future that at least a catch and release fishery should be open in at least part of the ovens system. that opens it up a bit to the fishing guides and gets a bit of guilt off the locals that tell me they quite enjoy catching trout cod even if they have to throw them back. in places you cant help but catch them. its going to take time, but it will happen.

    the murray darling basin stuff in terms of trout is primarily aimed at headwater creeks with endangered galaxids. those creeks amount to insignificant trout fisheries. that would satisfy many conservationists and fishery managers.

    there has been so much vitreole that its got counterproductive. greg why it got posted on fishnet is that i came to the defence of a trout angler there that was offended by some comments from native fishos. there has been a big effort to clean up at least the trout vs natives debate on that website.

    there are extremists in both camps. but the peak angling groups are working on a plan for the north east that will lock in waters for trout, natives and mixed in the future and make it stick. security for anglers, guides and meet conservation objectives. security for all.

    i dont know what they will come up for the king. clearly edi down is great for cod etc, hovell up is great for trout. maybe inbetween a mixed fishery. but we need some dollars from people like the mdbc to fix the problems in the rivers. we all know what was done to the king years ago and its a shame.

    picture this ten years from now. great cod fishing down at peechelba. great trout fishing in the upper king or the catherine. a rec fishery for trout cod around whitfield and myrtleford. play our cards right and we might get an incredible tourist fishing destination with great diversity. you people are in the box seat to benefit.

    will trueman

    will trueman

    30 January 2008 at 8:51 pm

  2. trout are still a feral introduced menace and should be stamped out.
    Subject to the same kinds of population control as rabits, goats, foxes, cats, pigs and any other introduced feral species wreaking havoc on our environment.


    10 February 2008 at 11:32 am

  3. “Trout have co-existed with our native fish for over 150 years and suddenly the barred galaxia is facing imminent extinction. Do you think agricultural chemical runoff over the last 50 years has had no effect on the riverine environment?”

    sounds like utter tripe to me, I’d suggest that trout have actually been gradually reducing the viable habitat of barred galaxia for the entire period of time they have been in our waterways and only now has it come to crisis point.
    I’m not discounting other factors such as environmental run-offs, but their link to the demise of the barred galaxia has NOT been proven (unlike trout which are a KNOWN threat to this species).

    If you can accept that introduced feral species are a threat to native animals on land, why is it so difficult to accept that the same is occuring in our waterways?

    Wouldn’t be because you happen to like fishing would it?


    10 February 2008 at 11:44 am

  4. kryptosporidian, your a wanker!!!!

    G Bracewell

    17 July 2009 at 1:54 pm

  5. The removal of trout is absoloutley crazy!!! Can anybody tell update me on this matter please??


    31 January 2010 at 8:51 pm

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