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A Ruddy good start

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Kevin Rudd has been our Prime Minister for one month and he has already changed the world.

The ratification of the Kyoto protocol showed the world that Australia is ready to work on the Global Warming problem.

His trip to Iraq announcing the withdrawal of Australian troops put paid to the ‘coalition of the willing’ and showed the world that he will not blindly follow George Bush into battle.

He is responsible for the Japanese not going after 50 Humpbacks (despite it being known they weren’t going after them by the the former US ambassador to Tokyo beforehand).

In one fell swoop he’s made the States cooperate with him when it was impossible for anyone else to have them do so before (they certainly weren’t playing pathetic, petty politics until the precise moment ALP gained power federally).

Witness indigenous policy, a touchstone of the culture wars and area of chronic public policy failure. Rudd comes to bury the old paradigms. He will craft a formal apology, thereby sweeping away Howard’s denial on symbolic reconciliation, yet uphold (though adapting) Howard’s interventionist agenda in the Northern Territory, the ultimate repudiation of a generation of Labor’s progressive policies.

Extract from Cracker blog

The politics of fear and inaction have been replaced with decisiveness and action. My grandchildren have the hope of a brighter future than they had a month ago.

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Written by Greg Naylor

30 December 2007 at 7:14 am

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