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APEC – Climate change agenda – 8 September

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Australia and China upgrade security ties, ink energy deal

Taipei Times – Taiwan
The two also discussed climate change — the core issue at a weekend
summit of Pacific Rim leaders. Hu’s meeting with Howard comes a day
after the

APEC Nations Agree on Climate Change, But Differ on Solution
Voice of America – USA
The US and Australia say this is unfair. They want APEC to endorse a
new approach to climate change, which would require developing
nations – including

US, Australia step up climate drive
Jakarta Post – Jakarta,Indonesia
Meanwhile, the United States and Australia stepped up their campaign
to sideline the United Nations in tackling the climate change issue.

Bush and Hu tackle climate change – Philippines
Climate change has emerged as a key battleground, with Hu earlier
Thursday blasting a hole in plans by Australia — backed by the
United States — for a

Russia uranium sales no solution to climate change – New Zealand
“As expected, APEC is undermining any real action on climate
– instead facilitating deals like this one will push the world
towards a dirty energy

Harper trumpets climate change plan at APEC summit – Canada
Stephen Harper has called climate change one of the most
important “public policy challenges of our time,” in a speech at
the APEC summit in Australia.

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Written by Greg Naylor

8 September 2007 at 1:11 pm

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  1. I know this is old news, but anyway, it’s good to see people are actually worrying and taking care of the nature! 🙂

    new zealand tourism

    17 January 2008 at 9:31 am

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