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15 Natural disasters in August 2007

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Last month we listed 11 natural disasters that occurred in July. For August, Relief Web has listed 15. Here is the listing:

Ethiopia: Floods – Aug 2007
Greece: Forest Fires – Aug 2007
Uganda: Floods – Aug 2007
Typhoon Sepat – Aug 2007
Hurricane Dean – Aug 2007
Peru: Earthquake – Aug 2007
Côte d’Ivoire: Floods – Aug 2007
DPR Korea: Floods – Aug 2007
Mauritania: Floods – Aug 2007
Philippines: Floods and Landslides – Aug 2007
Nigeria: Floods – Aug 2007
Viet Nam: Floods – Aug 2007
Burkina Faso: Floods – Aug 2007
Swaziland: Fires – Aug 2007
Russian Federation: Earthquake on Sakhalin Island – Aug 2007

Natural Disasters More Destructive than Wars
(Yahoo News – August 28, 2007)
“Already seven times more livelihoods are devastated by natural disasters than by war worldwide, at the moment, and this is going to be much worse, the way the climate is developing,” said Jan Egeland, the United Nations head of humanitarian affairs from 2003-2006. “Climate change, it’s happening. It’s not a threat. It’s happening today and those who suffer the most are the poorest in Africa. Where there was already drought, the droughts are getting worse. Where there was already flooding the floodings are getting worse, as we speak.”

It supports my theory that there are more natural disasters since we have become aware of Climate Change.


Written by Greg Naylor

30 August 2007 at 8:22 pm

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  1. clipped from

    Hurricane Felix death toll rises

    Aid is gradually reaching the worst-hit areas

    At least 100 people are now believed to have been killed by Hurricane Felix in Nicaragua and Honduras, officials say.

    The storm hit land in north-eastern Nicaragua on Tuesday as a maximum strength category five storm.


    Greg Naylor

    7 September 2007 at 3:36 pm

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