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Wangaratta Councilor ignorance is rife

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It concerns me that our elected councilors are ignorant of the details of issues that they speak out on. There are three examples in Friday’s Chronicle that got me started on this.

The Chronicle reported that the State Government is planning to have planning approvals handled by a Melbourne based committee rather than by council effectively removing local control over major development. The mayor, Don Joyce, said that he “knew very little about the planning changes.

He should have known that the COAG meeting of February 2006 made a number of decisions to reduce the regulatory burden under the National Reform Agenda.

Then we read a ‘letter to the editor’ pointing out that Cr Neville Wright had not done his homework on the Milawa feed lot proposal.

He should have known that as he has lived here all his life and as a councilor had easy access to the historical facts in council documentation.

And finally, on the subject of the replavemnet Gentle Annie Bridge, Cr Parisotto saw the project as particularly significant fr bus and transport companies who use the route on a regular basis. This bridge has been off limits to vehicles over 18 tonnes for years and the council rubbish truck can not even use it to pick up Jim Newton’s garbage.

She should have known that as she was a councilor when the 18 tonne load limit was installed.

Not good enough boys and girls!

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Written by Greg Naylor

21 July 2007 at 10:04 am

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  1. The rate in the $ paid by country people is up to five times that of rate payers in the wealthiest city municipalities. WHY? The valuation of Stonnington City is more than 16 Western District Councils combined but the latter pay $90 million more in rates. WHY?
    These figures can be verified from the government’s own statistics. The CEO of the MAV says it is because city people pay more Commonwealth taxation. I thought we had a “Fair taxation system”.

    Bruce Evans

    20 September 2007 at 12:07 pm

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