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Pipeline water savings – lies exposed

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The Treasurer John Brumby’s lies about water savings available in the Goulburn Valley have been exposed according to Bill Sykes, Nationals Member for Benalla.

Dr Sykes said, “Mr Brumby has repeatedly claimed that the same water savings will be available ‘year in, year out’. That is a blatant lie.

The Victorian Government’s own publication, ‘Modernising Victoria’s Food Bowl’ reports modelling figures of water losses (potentially available for savings) as 870 GL in years of average inflow and 780 GL in dry years and the actual losses in the Goulburn Murray District in 2005/06, when there was 100% allocation, were 668 GL and in 2006/07, 548 GL when there was 29% allocation.

“Clearly the actual water losses are less than claimed for normal years and much less in dry years.

“This means that because Melbourne gets the first 75 GL of water either the environment and/or irrigators will miss out in dry years or more water will be drained from Lake Eildon.”

Dr Sykes continued, “This is just the tip of the iceberg. We also had Melbourne Water executives contradicting Mr Brumby’s claims that Melbourne’s future water needs will comfortably be met by the current water plan.

“Many more lies and half truths will be exposed in the pipeline plan as time progresses.”

Dr Sykes concluded, “It is critical that we make our voices heard. We will not tolerate being ridden rough shod over by a Melbourne centric, arrogant Labor Government that uses deceit and lies to steal water to make up for its failure to invest in water recycling and storm water capture in Melbourne during its eight years of Government.

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Written by Greg Naylor

13 July 2007 at 5:00 pm

Posted in media release

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