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Police state now operating in Australia

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While the British and Indian media are suggesting Doctor Mohammed Haneef is indirectly involved in the UK terror plot, all we hear in Australia is that he is being detained without charge just as David Hicks was in Guantanamo Bay.

The Indian doctor has been held for 9 days under Australia’s new anti-terrorism laws … and he has not yet even been questioned.

AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty was on Tuesday forced to defend the investigation as being part of “a new world order” not based on conventional policing. source: Hindustran Times

At a hearing today, the police request for the extension of detention was not even canvassed and the court adjourned until Friday due to legal argument. The two days will be downtime, the period in which a person can be detained without charge before the 12 hours of questioning begins. source: ABC Online

First there was September 11. Then there was Guantanamo Bay, renditioning and torture. We know that in an environment of fear, these abuses have occurred.

Australia already has offshore detention centres that fall outside our rule of law. Beware, it could happen to you or me.

16 July Update

Haneef’s visa cancelled (ABC Online)

Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews has announced that Indian doctor Mohammed Haneef has had his visa cancelled and will be taken into immigration detention.

Haneef was granted bail in the Brisbane Magistrates Court this morning after being charged on Saturday with recklessly providing resources to a terrorist organisation.

“Dr Haneef will be detained by immigration authorities and relocated to the Villawood immigration detention centre as soon as arrangements can be made. In the meantime, he’ll be held in immigration detention in Brisbane.

“The AFP will issue a criminal justice certificate the effect of which is that Dr Haneef will remain in immigration detention whilst the legal proceedings are on foot.” … more

Comment: Surely, that makes Haneef a political prisoner. This case has me bamboozled.Haneef is an Indian national. He is charged with leaving a SIM card with suspected terrorists in Britain. If there is a case to answer, surely it is with British law – not the law here in Australia.So, he is now declared an illegal immigrant and has been sent to Villawood detention centre. That is outside the jurisdiction of the Australian justice system. History shows that Villawood detainees are processed, albeit over a period of anything up to five years, and then deported. Is that the fate for this man?If he had been an Australian citizen, the immigration option would not exist. Would he have been set free?Immigration detention has been a sore point with the Australian electorate for many years through Ministers Ruddock, Vanderstone and now Andrews. We have lived through the wrongful detention of some 200 detainees. As we approach a Federal election later this year, this is either a calculated brave move – or a very stupid one – by our government.

Haneef could avoid Villawood by not posting bail: lawyer … ABC Online
The lawyer for Indian doctor Mohammed Haneef says his client could avoid being sent to the Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney if he does not post bail.

Haneef challenge ‘may be successful’ … The Age
Experts say a legal challenge to Immigration Minister Kevin Andrew’s decision to cancel Indian doctor Mohamed Haneef’s visa may prove successful.


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11 July 2007 at 11:22 pm

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  1. ya i feel happy abt the haneefs visa aprovel.Really he has did it

    Australia visa

    12 February 2008 at 12:19 am

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