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Zuvele Leschen responds to Liberal Broadband policy

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The Howard Government’s broadband scheme will not deliver upgraded services to many towns in Indi, whereas the Labor Party’s policy would, ALP candidate for Indi, Zuvele Leschen, said this week.

“Our local member, Ms Mirabella, has distributed a list which shows which areas will get WiMAX services. What is surprising is how many towns miss out, who would not do so under Labor’s scheme.”

“WiMAX is untested technology. It is believed that it will only be effective for 20 k around a base station, and beyond that the service will be unreliable.”

“Even within the 20 k radius, if you have a hill between you and the base, you will not get broadband – which in an area like this means that many places which look good on paper will in fact miss out.”

“Towns such as Myrtleford, Corryong, Mt Beauty and their surrounds appear to miss out altogether.”

“Other towns will miss out because – although the base station appears to be within range – there are hills between.”

“This includes the King, Indigo and Mitta Valleys, and basically any area where there are hills between houses and the main population centre – around Beechworth and Bright, for example.”

Mrs Leschen said that this would not happen under Kevin Rudd’s broadband plan.

“Labor’s broadband plan is to connect all exchanges to broadband, so if you’re connected to a telephone exchange, you’ll have access.”

“Of course it’s more expensive for the government to construct, but it will ensure that country areas have the same standard of access as the cities, and allow them to grow in the future.”

“By doing it on the cheap, Howard’s government is shortchanging the country.”


Written by Greg Naylor

19 June 2007 at 7:22 pm

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