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Government moves forward on Lake Mokoan

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The Bracks Government has taken the next step in decommissioning Lake Mokoan with the Minister for Planning declaring that there is no need for an Environmental Effects Statement (EES) and that he will take control of planning issues from the Benalla Rural City Council.

Nationals Member for Benalla, Bill Sykes, disputes this decision by the Bracks Government which is based on their claims that, “environmental investigations undertaken to date have been comprehensive and provide an adequate base upon which to assess potential environmental effects” and “the project is unlikely to give rise to significant adverse environmental effects and is expected to provide a clear net benefit for the Broken, Goulburn Murray and Snowy Rivers and Winton Wetlands.”

Dr Sykes said, “I do not believe that there has been a comprehensive assessment of the impacts of decommissioning Lake Mokoan on the Broken River.

“In addition, other environmental studies such as those relating to the impact on Latham Snipe and Aboriginal heritage sites are yet to be completed according to the Bracks Government’s submission to the Federal Government.

“A Freedom of Information request will be submitted this week seeking all documents related to environmental studies to check how comprehensive the studies have been and what the findings are.”

Dr Sykes continued, “Irrigators are presenting their alternate water saving proposal to senior Department of Sustainability and Environment staff this week.

“I would be extremely disappointed if this is yet another example of the Bracks Government going through the motions of consultation whilst proceeding with their original plan to fully decommission Lake Mokoan.”

“Watch this space!”


Written by Greg Naylor

9 May 2007 at 7:06 pm

Posted in media release

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