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Wangaratta Water Pipeline Project

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Watchdog readers will be aware that I am fiercely protective of the Lake William Hovell water being retained for its intended purpose of irrigating the King Valley.

As previously reported, the Rural City of Wangaratta’s suggested pipeline from Lake William Hovell to Wangaratta is not such an original idea. Back in 1944 – 62 years ago – the Chronicle report below plans for two reservoirs, a major project by State Rivers and a second one to supply Wangaratta. You can read the 1944 article at:

Well it is on the agenda again and the council is to be commended for looking to the future of Wangartatta’s water supply … as long as they do not jeopardise the valley’s livelihood.


Water Supply Issues 82.090.002

Further to previous information on this matter, a scoping report is now underway funded by a state government grant of $20,000.

The scoping report, to be undertaken by Earth Tech Consultants, will identify and consolidate all the benefits associated with securing Wangaratta’s future water supply regarding the various piping projects into a scoping study. While there has been some preliminary work done on piping projects in the past, there is a need to consolidate this work and fully articulate the benefits of providing secure water supplies for Wangaratta and surrounding areas.

The scoping study will provide an effective tool to help maintain the necessary momentum for the future stages of this project. It is anticipated that the study could be used to help lay the foundation for a fully blown feasibility study.

The purpose of this scoping study is not to provide a feasibility study on the various projects but instead to ensure that all benefits associated with ensuring Wangaratta’s water supply have been identified and outlined.

The project is expected to identify but not be restricted to the following aspects;
· Securing Wangaratta’s water supply into the future
· Potential to secure the water supply of other townships in the region, particularly Myrtleford
· The potential to attract and retain key industries and businesses within the region, particularly Wangaratta
· The possibility to increase the value or volume of high value agricultural crops by methods such as irrigation under pressure
· Improved tourism opportunities
· The economic benefits associated with the construction of a pipeline (albeit temporary)
· Potential to generate electricity from hydro-generators
· Improved environmental flows, via reduced evaporation
· Options to treat waste water from Wangaratta
· Any detrimental issues associated with the scoping study.

Key tasks;
· Work with a steering group comprising rural City of Wangaratta to Regional Development Victoria to ensure all completed reports (and research) regarding piping projects have been identified.
· Drawing on these source documents clearly compare the benefits and costs associated with different options
· Verify that the benefits and costs of different projects are still applicable
· Based on the best available information provide a ranking of the various options according to best value and highest net benefit
· Identify the necessary future steps required to implement the project
· To utilise all relevant information to develop a scoping report.

Earth Tech won the consultancy in an open tender process conducted in December 2006. A six week response to complete the project is required and on this basis it is expected that the scoping report will be available by the end of February.

Recommendation – That the report be noted.


Written by Greg Naylor

19 January 2007 at 8:59 pm

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