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King Valley stitched up by Telstra

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Have you noticed the portable tower beside the Whitfield Fire Station. That is a mobile phone tower and was installed to service the Great Victorian Bike Ride allowing the riders to use their GSM or city based mobile phones. And then came the bushfires!

Upon establishing the Whitfield Staging Area for the fires, the GSM service was switched back on for the duration of the King Valley bushfires. When GSM users turned their phones on, up came the ‘2006 Bike Ride’ cell location screen.

Back when we got the CDMA tower, we were told that a GSM service was not possible – even though we could get a signal without a tower at certain locations such as the Whitfield Football ground.

Yet we find they can do it for a commercial event (bike ride) or in an emergency (bushfires) – but not for the residents of the valley

Now, we are to get 3G or Next G to replace the CDMA service but it will be at a cost. You see, there will be no pre-paid service available and the minimum cost will be around $50 month – more if you want the extra services like broadband, etc.

Written by Greg Naylor

24 December 2006 at 9:01 am

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