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Bill Sykes responds to re-election for Benalla

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“A resounding endorsement of The Nationals strong representation of country Victoria. Those are the words of Nationals Member for Benalla Bill Sykes following his re-election with a massive 14% swing.

Dr Sykes said “My staff and I are grateful for the public confirmation of their support for the work that we have done in representing the electorate over the past four years.

“I am also extremely pleased with the statewide swing to The Nationals of around 14%, the picking up of two lower house seats (Mildura & Morwell) and returning two upper house seats”.

So much for the prophets of doom – The Nationals live to fight another day.

And we will continue to fight for a fair share of Victorian wealth for country people.

Dr Sykes continued: “My immediate focus is to help people through the drought, for more equitable management of water and equitable sharing of the tobacco industry exit package”.

The critical drought assistance issue is ensuring that the Federal government assistance measures do get to all people and businesses who need the assistance – this may require reformatting of existing guidelines. The Bracks Government also needs to increase its support starting with freight subsidy for fodder.

On the water front the key issue is a sensible solution for Lake Mokoan – partitioning of the Lake into part water storage part wetland is the commonsense solution.

Securing water supplies for Bright by the construction of a water storage and expansion of Lake Buffalo and Lake William Hovell are more commonsense solutions to long term water security issues.

Dr Sykes concluded: “The Bracks Government has won the right to govern for the next four years; with the right goes the responsibility to live up to their name to govern for all Victorians.

I will do my best to ensure that Country Victorians get their fair share.


Written by Greg Naylor

27 November 2006 at 4:39 pm

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