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Sustainability and Global Issues – November 2006

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Climate change conference agrees to Kyoto review

18.Nov.06: Ministers at an international conference on climate change have agreed to a review of the Kyoto protocol on greenhouse gas emissions. … more

Stem militancy or face war: General

18.Nov.06: THE top US general in the Middle East has said that if the world does not find a way to stem the rise of Islamic militancy, it will face a third world war. … more

Dirty Water Kills 5,000 Children a Day

18.Nov.06: Nearly two million children a year die for want of clean water and proper sanitation while the world’s poor often pay more for their water than people in Britain or the US. … more

Santos oil discovery fuels expansion plans

18.Nov.06: OIL and gas producer Santos Ltd says it has intersected oil at its Blackbird well off the coast of Vietnam, fuelling its expansion plans in the region. … more

Carbon cuts set for 2008 talks

18.Nov.06: THE 168 members of the United Nations’ pact for cutting greenhouse gases will launch negotiations in 2008 over the next round of pledges for tackling global warming, a worldwide conference on climate change decided overnight. … more

Biofuels Discovery May End Dependence on Natural Gas

18.Nov.06: Researchers have developed a new, carbon-neutral way to convert vegetable-based fuels to syngas, a breakthrough that could allow producers to power hydrogen fuel cells or create a replacement for America’s dwindling supplies of natural gas, all without relying on fossil fuels. … more

Global energy atop G20 agenda

18.Nov.06: Finance ministers from the worlds biggest economies will meet in Melbourne this weekend to discuss foreign aid, climate change and global energy issues. … more

Seafood Faces Collapse by 2048

18.Nov.06: If current trends of overfishing and pollution continue, the populations of just about all seafood face collapse by 2048. … more

New York oil price slumps

18.Nov.06: THE price of crude oil in New York sank overnight beneath $US55 per barrel, striking a level last seen in June 2005 amid concerns over the full implementation of a recent cut in OPEC oil output. … more

House water ‘revolution’

18.Nov.06: BORDER firm Milspec is aiming to revolutionise the way Australians use household water with a new grey-water recycling unit manufactured in Albury. … more

Benalla faces new restrictions

18.Nov.06: The same restrictions would apply at Oxley and Moyhu from Monday as the level of Lake William Hovell fell. … more

Arctic Reserves Won’t Replace OPEC Crude

18.Nov.06: There isn’t enough oil under the Arctic Circle to replace crude from OPEC, according to new research. … more

Australia may introduce Kyoto measures

15.Nov.06: AUSTRALIA will probably have to introduce new measures to meet its Kyoto target on greenhouse gas emissions, Environment Minister Ian Campbell has revealed. … more

New Kyoto hard to live up to: Murdoch

15.Nov.06: NEWS Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch has said it is “going to be hard” for all countries to sign and adhere to a new Kyoto agreement. … more

Preliminary carbon trading meeting ‘productive’

15.Nov.06: The Prime Minister, John Howard, has held a preliminary meeting today with key players in the move to create a task force to look at a carbon trading scheme. … more

Vic parties fight over energy targets

15.Nov.06: The Victorian Labor and Liberal parties have locked horns over the merits of the state government’s renewable energy targets. … more

National day of prayer called for rain

15.Nov.06: CHRISTIAN church leaders will pray for rain in a bid to help drought-affected Australian farmers. … more

Nature of climate change debate changing: Gore

15.Nov.06: Former US vice-president Al Gore says Australia has experienced a recent and significant shift in focus on climate change. … more

Kofi Annan to open global climate talks

15.Nov.06: United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan will open high-level talks in Nairobi on combating climate change on Wednesday night. … more

PM \’holds key to climate crisis\’

15.Nov.06: CLIMATE campaigner Al Gore not only forgives John Howard for panning his documentary film about impending planetary catastrophe, he nominates the Prime Minister as the key to a global effort to solve the crisis. … more

Firms\’ eco impact ‘a growing concern’

15.Nov.06: As concerns surrounding global warming and water shortages mount, businesses may find they are faced with increasing pressure from the public to disclose their environmental impact. … more

Bush administration face climate lawsuit

15.Nov.06: Environmentalists have filed a law suit against the Bush administration for failing to produce a report on global warming’s impact on the United States’ environment, economy and public health. … more

Government to push for ‘new Kyoto’

13.Nov.06: Australia’s push for its desired “new Kyoto” at a major climate change conference in Africa will be hobbled from the start because it has not ratified the Kyoto Protocol on easing global warming, critics warn. … more

Howard supports Costello’s carbon talk

13.Nov.06: PRIME Minister John Howard has denied any shift in government policy on climate change following Peter Costello’s talk on carbon trading. … more

States shouldn’t rely on rain for water supply: Turnbull

13.Nov.06: The parliamentary secretary for water, Malcolm Turnbull, says the states need to find new sources of water that are not dependent on rainfall. … more

Plans for new dam in NSW

13.Nov.06: PLANS are under way to build a $342 million dam in NSW’s Hunter Valley region as the long-running drought tightens its grip on the state. … more

Campbell rejects Govt dragging its feet on carbon trading

13.Nov.06: Federal Environment Minister Ian Campbell has hit back at claims the Commonwealth is dragging its feet over the issue of carbon trading. … more

Howard to pursue climate change at APEC meeting

13.Nov.06: Prime Minister John Howard has listed climate change as the major issue to be discussed at this week’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders Meeting in Vietnam. … more

Costello backs carbon trading

13.Nov.06: AUSTRALIA will have to sign up to a global carbon trading scheme to tackle climate change, Treasurer Peter Costello has said. … more

Democrats win ‘won’t see US withdrawal’

13.Nov.06: THE Democrats’ victory in the US election will not see an immediate American troop withdrawal from Iraq, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says. … more

Report tips uranium mining shake-up

13.Nov.06: A think tank largely made up of uranium industry executives has called for a shake-up of the way uranium ore is regulated and mined in Australia. … more

Contingency plans for water supplies: PM

07.Nov.06: Contingency plans are being drawn up to secure water supplies during the current drought, Prime Minister John Howard says. … more

Water shouldn’t be federal: farmers

07.Nov.06: The Murray-Darling Basin should not be controlled by one federal body, the NSW Farmers Association says. … more

Premiers call for faster water funding

07.Nov.06: State premiers have called for faster funding decisions under a national water program as they head into an emergency summit. … more

Vics urge PM on ‘super-pipe’ pledge

07.Nov.06: Victoria’s Water Minister John Thwaites has called for federal government support for the construction of a “super-pipe”. … more

Aussies will pay to go green: poll

07.Nov.06: Almost two-thirds of Australians are prepared to pay higher taxes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new poll. … more

Icebergs threaten shipping near NZ

06.Nov.06: Authorities have issued a marine hazard warning as huge icebergs drift towards international shipping lanes south of New Zealand. … more

Rainfall to drop 40 per cent by 2070: study

06.Nov.06: A new study showing the regional impact of climate change in New South Wales suggests that annual rainfall could drop by as much as 40 per cent by the year 2070. … more

SA irrigators urge summit to address water ‘inequality’

06.Nov.06:The head of the South Australian Murray Irrigators is calling for tomorrow’s water summit in Canberra to consider more equal water restrictions for both rural and city areas. … more

Leadership needed on water, Labor says

06.Nov.06: Federal Opposition Leader Kim Beazley says the Commonwealth must show leadership to deal with the nation’s growing water problems. … more

Australia, US in focus at climate meeting

06.Nov.06: AUSTRALIA and the US will come under pressure to fall into line as a global climate summit beginning in Nairobi today starts to debate the future after the Kyoto Protocol expires. … more

Oil prices fall in Asian trading

06.Nov.06: FALLING petrol prices offset the rising cost of fruit and vegetables, holiday travel and financial services to keep consumer prices steady in October. … more

Water meeting ‘must include climate’

06.Nov.06: GOVERNMENTS must develop water plans that took into account dramatic changes in the Australian climate, a water economics expert said today. … more


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