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91% Mokoan water security not good enough

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The Bracks Government’s proposal to deliver 91% security of water supply to irrigators dependant on Lake Mokoan is grossly inadequate according to The Nationals Member for Benalla, Bill Sykes.

Yesterday, the Government announced four alternative proposals to deliver 91% security of water at a cost of between $35 million and $46 million.

Dr Sykes said, “True to form, there is scant information on the proposals, but one thing is clear, 91% security is grossly inadequate and fails to meet the governments written commitments to maintain current security of supply of water in the event that Lake Mokoan is decommissioned.

“I will update Federal Minister Peter McGauran this week and ask him to proceed with his commitment to have an independent assessment of the current level of security of supply to protect irrigator’s interests prior to any Federal Government support for the project”.

Dr Sykes continued, “Irrigators are being invited to comment on the proposals but they have been provided with very little information.

For example, there is more information on the costs of the offsets which were rejected than is for offsets still under consideration.”

Dr Sykes concluded, “The local community is sick to death of ‘Claytons’ consultation and broken promises.

“It is time for the Brack’s Government to put up all the facts on the table and to honour it’s commitments to maintain current security of supply at acceptable cost to irrigators”.


Written by Greg Naylor

4 October 2006 at 10:03 pm

Posted in media release

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