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Mt Buller resort operators discuss long term viability

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Representatives of Mt Buller Chamber of Commerce this week met with Nationals Member for Benalla, Bill Sykes, to discuss a series of issues of concern to business operators and residents on the mountain.

The underlying theme of the discussion was concern about the long term viability of businesses and what needs to be done to make Mt Buller an ‘all year round’ resort.

Specific issues included:
• the need for the Chamber of Commerce to have a position on the Resort Management Board;
• action being taken to retain education facilities on the mountain to train staff and young people from the local area; and
• high costs on the mountain making it difficult for young people in particular to live permanently on the mountain.

Dr Sykes said, “Alpine resorts such as Mt Buller inject hundreds of millions of dollars into local economies in North East Victoria.

“The issues raised with me by the Chamber of Commerce need to be addressed if Mt Buller is going to continue to grow and become more of an ‘all year round’ resort.

“Given the intended closure of Latrobe University’s Mt Buller Campus, it is absolutely critical that we do all that we can to provide education and employment opportunities for young people. As many business people said, they will be looking to retire over the next few years and enthusiastic, capable young people need to be encouraged to take over.

“Just like the rest of Northern Victoria, water is a major issue and whilst the snow making activity this year saved Mt Buller from an even poorer season, more water is going to be required to increase snow making capability.

“I understand that options are being explored at the moment.”

Dr Sykes concluded, “Mt Buller is a fantastic resort and an extremely valuable asset for North East Victoria.

“It is essential that it grows into an ‘all year round’ resort with younger people being encouraged to come to and stay on the mountain.

“I will work with Chamber of Commerce members and the Resort Management Board and support them in their efforts to overcome current and future challenges.


Written by Greg Naylor

22 September 2006 at 7:44 pm

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