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Farmer’s empty win as DPI drops action

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01.Sep.06. Written by PHILIP NOLAN.

THE Department of Primary Industries has, for the second time in three months, pulled out of a court action it launched against a local farmer.

Whitfield’s Philip Gambold was called before the Wangaratta Magistrates Court in early July to answer allegations he had failed to comply with a land management notice and failed to advise of compliance with the notice, both in regard to the spraying of blackberries on his property.

The DPI claimed blackberries were found growing on the Mills Lane property belonging to Mr Gambold last year, and that a land management notice had been served on him in January this year.

At that hearing, Gambold’s solicitor, Geoff Clancy, said receipts would be provided to prove spraying work had been done, and that Gambold believed he had taken “reasonable steps” to control the blackberries.

Whitfield farmer Philip Gambold:
“Their sneaky scouts were apparently color-blind if they couldn’t tell the difference between green blackberries in Mill Lane and orange ones in my paddock. I’d hate to meet them at traffic lights.”

Watchdog Comment:
They knew better than to persue our Phil! At least he tried to do the right thing.

But what about the absentee landowners. Notices have been served on one fellow out Lake Buffalo Road who has arrogantly ignored the order completely. These are the people they should be pursuing.


Written by Greg Naylor

3 September 2006 at 2:28 pm

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