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Letter to the Editor: My Neighbour from Hell

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Much has been said about the Bracks Government being the neighbours from hell because of their ‘lock the gate and throw away the key’ approach to land management and absolute failure to manage weeds and pest animals on State land.

The attached photos highlight but one example of appalling weed management by Goulburn Murray Water (GMW).

The photos depict blackberries and Noogoora burr growing rampantly in GMW’s weir on the Hollands Creek where the Mokoan inlet channel intersects with the creek.

In addition to blackberries and Noogoora burr, Paterson’s curse grows out of control on the diversion channel banks and Bathurst burr, stinkwort, fat hen, wild cherry also proliferate out of control.

All of these weeds produce seeds which wash downstream and infect my property and that of other land holders. Birds and foxes also do their bit to spread blackberries.

The Bracks Government has introduced a Bill into Parliament to enable ‘on the spot fines’ to be issued to land holders who fail to control weeds and pest animals.

But the Legislation does not apply to Victoria’s biggest land ‘manager’ – the Bracks Government – it will be able to continue on its merry way of providing a nursery for weeds such as blackberries, Paterson’s curse etc. and feral pests such as foxes, wild dogs and feral cats to proliferate and decimate our native flora and fauna as well as increasing costs for adjoining private landholders and in the case of wild dogs, threatening farming viability.

What about it Mr Bracks – one set of rules for everyone with the Government leading by example.

Yours sincerely

Bill Sykes MP
Member for Benalla


Written by Greg Naylor

8 August 2006 at 5:45 pm

Posted in media release

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