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Discover the North East Wine Region promotion

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A series of nine features in The Age has begun as part of a major new regional food and wine campaign, Minister for Tourism John Pandazopoulos said today.

The first of the eight page fortnightly series ran on Saturday in the paper’s A2 section, profiling Victoria’s north-east wine region. The articles feature our wine destinations, wineries, restaurants, food, local produce and accommodation. The next feature is on the Mornington Peninsula region.

Mr Pandazopoulos said the Bracks Government had teamed up with The Age to inform Victorians about our diverse and vibrant wine regions.

“The features are being written by well-known food and wine writers including Jeni Port and Jane Faulkner, and will guide visitors around the highlights of Victoria’s wine regions, as well as profile local accommodation,” he said.

“The north-east wine region of Rutherglen, Beechworth, Glenrowan, King Valley and the Alpine Valleys was the first to be featured. The features celebrate the quality of restaurants and dining in the north-east, as well as the fantastic local produce visitors can take home with them.

“Many of the wineries in the north-east are owned and run by families who have been making wine for generations. Tasting the wine and talking to the people who are intimately involved in the process of growing, making and selling the wine is a great highlight of visiting the north-east wine region.”

Mr Pandazopoulos said Victoria’s winery industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of tourism in the State, contributing a massive $493 million to the economy – up 20 per cent from 2002.

The new food and wine campaign is part of the $27 million tourism package announced through the Bracks Government’s Moving Forward Provincial Victoria Statement that encourages Victorians to holiday and travel around their own state.

“Victoria has more than 400 wineries in diverse regions, wonderful country restaurants, energetic winemakers, chefs and food producers and a rich winemaking history. We believe the campaign will encourage Victorians to explore the regions,” Mr Pandazopoulos said.

“Other elements of the campaign include the two part Channel 9 prime time special Wine Me, Dine Me – A Journey with John Wood that blitzed the television ratings when it aired last month.

“Significantly, Victoria was rated Australia’s top destination for ‘quality regional food and wine’ and ‘car touring’ in the annual Brand Health Survey, so we have the best right here in our backyard.

“Tourism is the lifeblood of many of our regional areas and the Bracks Government recognises the importance of sustaining and growing the tourism industry in our regions. Tourism is worth $10.9 billion to the state as a whole and $3.4 billion to regional Victoria alone.”


Written by Greg Naylor

29 July 2006 at 8:36 pm

Posted in media release

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