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King Valley Shed Wine Show gets RCoW support

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The King Valley Vignerons is planning to hold the King Valley Shed Wine Show on 14 October 2006. There is a renewed effort to attract visitors from outside the region to attend this event.

The Wangaratta Tourism Advisory Board has received and duly considered an application for funding under the Tourism Special Events Funding program. The Board recommends that Council approves the request for funding of $5,000 for this year’s event.

The Vignerons have requested $5,000 for promotion, venue & bus rental, travel and accommodation costs of professional wine writer/critic.

The event benefits the RCoW by potentially attracting visitors from outside the municipality, particularly from Shepparton, Mansfield and Albury Wodonga. It will also further cement the reputation of the wines of the area. The format of this event is unique and as such, has the potential to attract solid media coverage.

The application by the King Valley Vignerons fits the Council Plan Objective for tourism which states that the RCoW will support and encourage sustainable tourism development throughout the municipality.

Supporting the development of tourism in the municipality in this manner encompasses a sustainable approach to the economic well being of residents as tourism is a significant generator of employment and income for the region.

The budget implication for the 06/07 financial year of these activities is $5,000.
This can be accommodated within Council’s 06/07 Special Events Budget provision. The budget allocation for the Special Events Funding Program for this period is $33,000. There are existing commitments for $5,000 leaving $28,000 from which this particular grant will be drawn.

The grant is recommended to be approved at the July Council Meeting.


Written by Greg Naylor

15 July 2006 at 1:32 pm

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