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IMFMP – Draft Position Paper Feedback

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FirePlan Update

Milestones in Integrated Municipal Fire Management Planning

The Project would like to thank our stakeholders who took the time to read the Draft Position Paper and provide comments.

Comments have been received from over sixty organisations and interested individuals.

Feedback was encouraging and some issues were raised. The most common theme related to clarity of roles at the three levels, State Regional and Municipal. Comprehensive definitions and roles will be included in the Integrated Fire Management Planning Framework when it is presented to Government.

A number of CFA volunteers and others expressed concern about being able to continue to contribute to the planning. A process is being developed by CFA and anyone wishing to be part of this development can call Andrew Andreou on 0419 561 259.

The Next Step
The project team is considering the feedback whilst developing The Integrated Fire Management Framework for Victoria. It is proposed to have the proposed Framework ready to submit to the State Government by 31 August 2006.

Changes to the Project Team
On 31 May 2006, the four Communication and Consultation Managers seconded to the IMFMP Project Team concluded their time with the project. Norm Free (MAV),

Shaun Huguenin (DSE) and Stan Hendy (VICSES) returned to their organisations after providing important and significant contributions to the Initial Discussion Paper and the Draft Position Paper.

Naomi Brown, CFA’s Director Community Safety and Project Custodian, said. “I wish to thank them for the contribution they made to the project, in particular to the extensive consultation that has taken place over the 15 months they were involved”.

Andrew Andreou (CFA) has been appointed to work with the project team, continuing his role of Manager Communications and Consultation to ensure CFA staff and volunteers are fully informed and consulted about the proposed Framework.

The Project will also welcome back Norm Free early in August. Norm will be working with MAV on local government matters related to Integrated Fire Management Planning.

To continue the multi agency flavour of the team, discussions are underway to have other agencies represented on the team during the development of tools and processes for the implementation phase of the project.

For further information contact
Garry Cook (Project Manager) – 03 9262 8697
Andrew Andreou (CFA) – 0419 561 259


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12 July 2006 at 7:40 pm

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