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List: 54 local mobile speed camera sites

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Victorian Police Minister Tim Holding released a list of the 2593 locations where mobile speed cameras are used, saying it would show speed cameras were fixed in areas where there was a high incidence of speeding and accidents recorded, and not in “sneaky” locations designed to catch motorists unawares.

The Watchdog has extracted the 54 locations in our area and when you look at it, particularly in Wangaratta where there are multiple sites in Phillipson Street, Murdoch Road, Cribbes Street, Sisely Avenue, Tone Road and Williams Road, it does appear to be rather “sneaky”.

Assistant Police Commissioner (Traffic) Noel Ashby said publicising the location of speed cameras was an effective way of getting motorists to slow down. “Today’s release is another step where we can engage the public in terms of driving down the road toll.”, he said

Bridge Street – between Charles Street and Arundel Street
Bridge Street West – between Clarke Street & Margaret Street
Hume Freeway – between 198 an 197 kilometre posts
Maginnes Street – between Ackerley Avenue and McIvor Street
Nunn Street – between Benalla Street and Mackellar Street

Three Chain Road – between Plums Road and Haywood Road
Hume Highway – between Boorhamin Road and Bourke Road

Hume Highway – between 275 and 276 Km posts (Northbound)
Hume Highway – between 280 and 279 Km posts (Southbound)

East Wangaratta
Hume Freeway – Between Ovens Hwy Overpass and 239 KM post

King Valley
Whitfield Road – Between Cemetary Lane and 40 Km post

Glenroawa-Myrtleford Road – Between Targoora-Laceby Road and Greta Road

Highett Street – between Ailsa Street and Hunter Street
Chenery Street – between Hunter Street and Ailsa Street
Malcolm Street – between The Parade and Rowe Street
Malcolm Street – between Apollo Street and Ultimo Street
Maroondar Highway – between Elvins Street and Links Road
Highton Lane – betweenStewart Street and Monkey Gukky Road
Mansfield-Woods Point Road – between Delatite Road and Pollard Road

Whitfield Road – 300 metres north of Bartley Street
Whitfield Road – between 23 and 34 KM posts
Whitfield Road – between Robustelles Lane and Hoults Lane
Byrne Street – between Robustelles Lane and Meadoe Creek Road

Great Alpine Road – between 11 and 12 km posts
Great Alpine Road – between Beechworth-Tarrawingee Road and River road

Mansfield-Whitfield Road – between Tatong-Tolmie Road and 80 kph speed sign
Mansfield-Whitfield Road – between Old Tolmie Road and Spring Creek Road

Appin Street – between Garnet Avenue and Irwin Avenue
Cribbes Road – between Mitchell Avenue and Mather Street
Cribbes Road – between Greta Road and Orange Court
Christensen Lane – between Lindner Road and Wangandary Road
Edwards Street – between Swan Street and Phillipson Street
Esmond Street – between Appin Street and Hilandra Avenue
Great Alpine Road – between Yellow Creek Bridge and Detour Road
Greta Road – between Burke Street and White Street
Hume Highway – between Delloro Road and Gravel Pit Road
Mason Street – between Tone Road and Tavern Terrace
Murdoch Road – between Vincent Street and Phillips Street
Murdoch Road – between Caraselle Avenue and Billabong Drive
Oxley Flats road – between Taylors lane and Chandler Street
Park Lane – between College Street and Park Crescent
Phillipson Street – between Crammond Avenue and Muntz Street
Phillipson Street – between O’Leary Street and Garnet Avenue
Phillipson Street – between Taylor Street and Dunlop Street
Roger Street – between Crisp Street and Harper Street
Rowan Street – between Swan Street and Phillipson Street
Sisely Avenue – between Phillipson Street and Floyd Avenue
Sisely Avenue – between Bruck Court and Kerr Street
Steane Street – between Phillipson Street and Swan Street
Tone Road – between Stoey Street and Sisely Avenue
Tone Road – between Newman Street and Murrell Street
Williams Road – between Willow Drive and Worland Road
Williams Road -between Leishman Street and Appin Street
Wilson Road – between Thomas Street and Chandler Street

Go to the Victorian Department of Justice website where you can also download a copy of the locations of fixed red light speed cameras, and the number of deaths and injuries at these dangerous intersections. (PDF 82KB), the complete list of fixed camera locations (PDF 82KB) and the full list of mobile speed camera sites (PDF 167KB).

Hotspots exposed to public

VICTORIAN police yesterday revealed the locations of all fixed and “mobile” speed cameras around the state.

The list of locations showed there were 30 sites in Wodonga where mobile speed cameras could be set up and 27 in Wangaratta, along with 10 “time-over-distance” speed cameras on the Hume Freeway.


Written by Greg Naylor

25 April 2006 at 7:58 am

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