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A bear, a lion and a chicken meet.
The bear says “If I roar in the forest, the entire forest is shivering with fear”
The lion says “If I roar in the desert, the entire desert is afraid of me”
The chicken says “Big deal, I only have to cough and the entire planet sh*** itself”


Back in March, the Watchdog reported on the lack of visibility of the directional sign at the southern end of Cook’s gap Road in Edi Upper.

A week before Easter, the area was cleaned up by the RCoW. The young trees have been removed and the grass has been slashed to make the sign fully visible. Compare this photo with the one in the original article


Each year, Jamie and Sue Newton get behind the Good Friday Appeal for the Childrens Hospital. Sue runs the raffle and Jamie gives the local kids their annual ride on the fire truck calling on landholders for donations to the appeal.

Unfortunately, the rain prevented the kids riding the fire truck, so Sue put them in her car and followed the fire truck manned by Jamie, David Westmacott and Mick Liprino.

In spite of the rain, their efforts raised a record $1430 around the Whitfield township. The CFA thanks the community for their donations and Jamie and Sue Newton for their ongoing devotion to the Children’s hospital annual appeal.


Easter is the premier tourism time for the King and Ovens Rivers townships with campers spread throughour the district.

On the Tuesday before Easter, the RCoW was contacted about the presentation we offer these campers at public campsites – particularly around the Edi bridge area – with grass that should be cut to welcome them.

The phonecall was diverted to DSE in Wangaratta who advised they do not look after the area – that is a job for the Whitfield depot. The Whitfield depot advised that they have no jurisdiction as the land title is with various departments including Vic Roads. The call then went to Wodonga where the caller was advised that little could be done. However, if one of the locals cut the grass, nobody would complain … despair and frustration!

The phone call must have had some affect as the grass had been cut by the end of the week. The campers extend their thanks to whoever cut the grass to make the area safet for their children.


Forty nine classic cars on a two day rally, stopped at a checkpoint in Whitfield on Sunday morning. Promoted by “Rally Sport” the rally is a two day event.

Check point officer Jeff Whitten said, “About two thirds of cars from NSW, one from Queensland with the remainder from Victoria. They are classics from the 1960’s through the 1980’s”.

On Saturday they left Wangaratta and travelled through the Upper Murray area and Talangatta returning to Wangaratta for an overnight stay. On Sunday they came through Whitfield, on to Mansfield returning to Wangaratta via Swanpool and Tatong.


A few weeks ago, we showed the tired looking hay bale with the embedded cyclist. I am sad to say, he is no more! However, the at the King Valley Harvest Festival held on 23rd April, a series of harvest bales were unveiled.

This one, at the front gate of the Whitfield School shows a scarecrow looking after the harvest.

It looks like Whitfield may have a new tradition on its hands with the creation of decorative hay bales. The Watchdog front page now sports this image of the new creation. (Click image for full screen photo)


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21 April 2006 at 5:39 pm

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