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Subsidised regional transport options

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Here’s an idea with a lot of merit.

More than 200 Victorian Local Governance Association delegates met in Bendigo on the weekend and supported a motion to call on the Bracks Government to implement the half-price fares.

With the cost of petrol approaching record highs, the cost of taking the family car to Melbourne is becoming prohibitive. For the individual, taking the train has now become a real option.

As fuel prices continue to rise, there will be fewer trips made unless the car has enough passengers to make it economically viable.

Unless the State government subsidises train/coach travel for country people, we are at risk of becoming more remote from our families and friends in other places. It is also in the government’s interest to conserve fuel spent in private travel when there is an alternative in public transport.

The Nationals delegates from throughout Victoria fully supported the proposal in an effort to boost regional tourism and increase patronage on public transport.

“The cost of public transport in regional areas is a barrier for local families,” Bill Sykes said. It is great to see the grassroots members from throughout country Victoria supporting this initiative.”

“Unfortunately, the current ticket prices make it prohibitive for a family to travel from our region to Melbourne. It’s cheaper to get in the family car, than pay the full fare.”

“The half-price fares would also apply to city travellers visiting our region which would make it more attractive for Melburnians to take a break in country Victoria.”

The push for half-price tickets follows the success of the $10 fare deal for Commonwealth Games travel.

Transport – Time for a statewide transport rethink
VLGA Media Release 10 April
The Commonwealth Games have demonstrated beyond any doubt that positive change is possible for public transport, if there is the political will to get things done, according to the VLGA…

What can communities do? VLGA Leading Edge Forum, 6 April – Presenters’ PowerPoint slides
Attached file: Click here for Cr Johnson’s presentation (“Nolink”)
Attached file: Click here for John Sanderson’s presentation (Bass Coast Transport Connections)
Attached file: Click here for Cr Mears’ presentation (Surfcoast Pathways)

Website: Click here for Trevor Budge’s presentation (quick view)
Website: Click here for Trevor Budge’s whole presentation (3MB – long download)
Website: Click here for Transport Connections page on DHS website

Written by Greg Naylor

11 April 2006 at 6:24 pm

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