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Queensland Fruit Fly found at Edi

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About a week ago, the Queensland Fruit Fly was found in the King Valley at Edi. The exact location is still unknown but a group of departmental personnel were seen studying a plum tree on the roadside outside the Knaggs property.

The King Valley region is awash with fruit trees growing wild along the roadways where the fruit fly could be breeding. Of course, just about every property in the areas has a private orchard and people are urged to check their fruit trees.

According to a Border Mail article, other outbreaks have occurred at Yackandandah and Mudgegonga with suspension zones put in place within a 15km to 80km radius of the outbreaks.

Primary Industries Department program leader of plant standards Bill Ashcroft said residents would get a leaflet detailing the program and baiting teams would visit residents’ backyards to bait host plants and kill the fruit flies.

“All home-grown fruit should be consumed on the property and should only leave the property if it has been cooked,” he said.

“Any unwanted home grown fruit should be placed in a plastic bag, sealed and left in the sun for at least three days to kill the fruit fly maggots and the bag put in the rubbish bins.”

“With the high-risk Easter period approaching we all need to be vigilant to prevent an outbreak of fruit fly and protect more than $23 million of annual citrus exports,” he said.

Background information on the Queensland Fruit Fly can be found on the DPI website here.


Written by Greg Naylor

23 March 2006 at 2:12 pm

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