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The Minister for Small Business, André Haermeyer, has reminded Victoria’s businesses and residents that daylight saving will be extended by one week to accommodate the end of the 2006 Commonwealth Games.
“Victoria will conclude daylight saving at 3am daylight saving time (2am standard time) on Sunday 2 April,” Mr Haermeyer said.
The Victorian Government has secured the cooperation of all other Australian jurisdictions observing daylight saving, with NSW, Tasmania, South Australia and the ACT making similar arrangements.


An elderly neighbour of mine shares his time between Ballarat and Edi Upper. Recently, he received a DPI notice to eradicate the blackberries on his Edi Upper property.
Through the local Landcare program, he contracted a local from Cheshunt to spray the blackberries on his property. Upon completion, he notified DPI and presented them with the receipt from the contractor.
That was not good enough for the DPI personnel at Geelong where the original notice was issued. Tomorrow, they are sending a deputation from Geelong to Edi Upper to check that the work has in fact been done.
What a waste of taxpayers money! These guys are abusing the system. With a five hour drive they will have to stay overnight as well – probably sample the local wines whilst they are here.
Surely, local DPI personnel could follow this through. Besides, it will be interesting to find out how they can determine that the blackberries have been sprayed so soon after the event. Is it any wonder he calls them the Department of Primary Idiots.

Permits to Burn
The Rural City of Wangaratta together with the CFA recognize the need for farmers to start preparation of land for Autumn sowing. As of Monday 20 March 2006 Permits to Burn can be issued, with light up time of 6.00pm. Permits will only be issued for agricultural purposes. Permits will carry stringent conditions due to the current weather trends. Council together with the CFA will be carrying out spot checks to ensure compliance with these conditions. Those wishing to apply for a permit to burn should first approach their local CFA Brigade Captain. For any other enquiries please contact the Rural City of Wangaratta’s Municipal Fire Prevention Officers on 5722 0888
A reminder, this is not the end of the fire danger period. Fire restrictions still remain in force.

Public transport in the King Valley just took a turn for the worse.

It has been reported to the Watchdog that the community bus, operated by Ovens & King Community Health, did not come to Whitfield as scheduled today. One of the regulars was not able to travel due to his health and that meant there were not the required three customers to operate the service. The other two were advised that they would have to go to Moyhu to catch the bus … without public transport?


The price for bananas in Albury was $5.00 kg and $6.50 Kg in Mansfield just one day after the devastating storms in northern Queeensland.Not one red cent of those prices reaches the banana growers. It is disgraceful profiteering by the retailers as they have not had the opportunity to purchase new stocks since the stormS.

Task force cracks down on illegal tobacco
ABC online – Wednesday, 22 March 2006.

A task force of Victorian police and taxation officers is back in action to stop crime linked to the flow of illegal tobacco from the Ovens and King valleys.
Heading the police operation is Detective Senior Sergeant Lindsay Cummins at Wangaratta. He says Operation Arrants will be watching for anyone who tries to run the gauntlet with illegal tobacco.
“The harvest commenced two to three weeks ago and tobacco is currently being conveyed through to the tobacco co-op … over in Myrtleford, so we would expect much more movement in the future weeks,” he said.

Associated Border Mail article Blow Smoke Rings by Kristy Grant

Written by Greg Naylor

22 March 2006 at 7:04 pm

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