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King Valley grapes will rot on the vines

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This is very bad news for the King Valley. Every vineyard has its core of skilled local workers. Put them all together and the grape industry would be the valley’s largest employer. Their livelihoods are also at risk.

The plight of the King Valley grapegrowers will echo throughout the district over the next few years. With grapes rotting on the vines, the grape transport industry will also suffer a downturn.

While the Mildura growers can’t find seasonal workers to pick their fruit, the King Valley seasonal pickers are having a hard time finding work. With no prospects of work til mid-May when the pruning season begins, many local workers are already seeking alternate employment outside the grape industry. These skills will be lost to the King Valley industry.

More grapes are being machine harvested this year in the King Valley to save on expenses in this depressed market.

Vignerons face tough forecast
KING Valley vignerons are feeling exploited and trapped, says wine region representative Wendy Batey. – important story…


Written by Greg Naylor

21 March 2006 at 5:42 pm

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