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Nationals seek rego relief for emergency service volunteers
Bill Sykes, Member for Benalla and Nationals Spokesperson for Police & Emergency Services, comments on Peter Ryan’s media release ( see Watchdog Forum).
“CFA & SES volunteers are well trained and highly committed to help communities in the event of fires, vehicle accidents, floods, windstorms, etc.
“But CFA & SES volunteers are also out supporting community events and fundraising for many worthy causes such as the Good Friday Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal.
“It is critical that we encourage more people to become volunteers so that the emergency services which save Victoria $480 million per year can continue to operate.
“It is also important that the many other volunteers which are the back bone of country communities are recognised.

Last week, I published a piece called Can the Routine Road Management Plan work? criticising the RCoW negligence of overhanging branches and scrub blocking out signage on rural roads.
In Friday’s Chronicle, the RCoW announced a Limb Removal on Rural Roadsides project. It read:
Limb removal will be undertaken on a number of rural roadsides in the municipality over the next few weeks. These works will include removal of limbs growing into the road safety zone and sucker growth on the side of roads and intersections. The limb removal will assist with the safe movement of traffic. Some disruptions to traffic may occur during these works. In some cases, timber suitable for firewood may be left in an appropriate location for residents to collect. Residents wanting to collect the firewood will require a firewood permit from the Department of Sustainabitity and Environment (DSE). For further information in relation to these works please contact Council’s Sustainability Program Coordinator or Arborist on 5722 0888.

It would be nice to think the Watchdog helped this situation but the reality is it happened too soon after the Watchdog publication came out. The RCoW needs congratulating for taking this project on board.

Reward may be next in mystery
INVESTIGATORS from the Victorian police homicide squad missing person unit are considering making an application for a reward for information about the disappearance of Wangaratta woman Kath Bergamin. – full story…

A 10kg rock from the Wangaratta-Whitfield Road has been taken to Parliament by local MP’s Bill Sykes and Ken Jasper.
The rock was given to Dr Sykes by King Valley resident, David Maples. The rock had been brought to the road surface by a truck and was then run over by a car causing serious damage to the car.
Dr Sykes intends to present the rock to the Minister for Transport, Peter Batchelor, to highlight the seriousness of the problem on the road near King Valley.
Let us hope that Mr Batchelor learns that there is only one solution – stop doing “bandaid” repairs and fully remake the road from the foundation up.
A National Transport Commission report states that Australia’s freight transport task is set to double between 2000 and 2020. ALGA President, Cr Paul Bell, said “The local road network must be protected and local government adequately resourced from user charges to cater for the increased freight traffic.” ALGA is also pressing its case with the Commission on these issues.


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16 March 2006 at 8:23 pm

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