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Kathy hangs up her helmet

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Click to enlargeAfter a racing accident earlier this year that destroyed her car, local Speedway driver Kathy Patton has sadly resigned to the fact that its time to finish her speedway ventures. On Easter Sunday, Kathy had put in a good days racing and was well and truly in the lead on the last race for the day, unfortunately due to lack of visibility on a dusty track, she misjudged where the corner was. Kathy was sent airborne and after rolling mid-air the car landed on its roof, destroying the car body and its roll cage. Due to the cost and time of re-building another car Kathy has decided other financial priorities take precedence and to put speedway driving on hold for the time being.

Kathy has enjoyed three very successful speedway seasons. Her first year on the track finishing 3rd, in the local competition and 2nd place in her second year, also Kathy traveled down to Alexander for the Ladies Zone Titles, finishing in 9th position. Kathy recalls many memorable races and was quite fortunate to enjoy the thrill and excitement of crossing the finishing line first and getting the checkered flag on a few occasions. Though she admits that winning wasn’t always the greatest thrill, “sometimes it was just as much fun to start rear of field and work my way to the front, even if I didn’t win”. Although Kathy will miss racing and was keen to continue for a few more years, she is happy that she had some good races in the Standard Saloons B grade open, including first place and other trophies in the top three positions.

Click to enlargeKathy would like to thank everyone who has supported her over the years, especially her sponsors who not only provided sponsorship but made it possible for Kathy to get her car on the race track. Thank you to Marlo and Gino from Gino’s Automotive, Chris and Emma from Shanley Signs, Russell of Camel Engineering and Wangaratta Paint Centre.


Written by Greg Naylor

4 March 2006 at 3:25 pm

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