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Over the Fence – a new Watchdog feature

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Over the fence first appeared in the Moyhu and District Community Newsletter (Issue 4, Feb 1994). It was a column that spread the gossip and neighbourhood news around the greater King Valley. The illustration was drawn by Shirley Barber and the title was suggested by Les Graham as a masthead for the original Grapevine.

The Watchdog welcomes new readers who have been refered by the King Valley Community Grapevine. If you like what you see, we would like you to come back. You can bookmark this page, subsribe to the RSS feed or click here to send Greg Naylor an email to be put on the Watchdog mailing list.

It’s a hard life
on the Parks Victoria temporary payroll as a summer employed firefighter. On days of total fire ban, these poor souls must remain in the office in case they are needed to fight a fire. To help them fill in the day, DSE have upgraded their offices with big screen television sets.

Michael DalZotto’s cellar door at Whitfield opens this week along with Adam Pizzini’s new restaurant, Rinaldo’s, serving coffee in the mornings. This exciting new development will be reported in more detail in a coming issue of the Watchdog News.

Watchdog makes the front page of the March “Grapevine”. (Click the image to read the article).

The subject of content deterioration of this King Valley icon is finally out in the open. and those Grapevine readers with an opinion should write to the King Valley Learning Exchange Committee, c/o Moyhu Post Office 3732, with the comments they have been making around the district.
I would like to thank Jeremy Fournier, the Grapevine editor, for opening the debate and for the extra readers the Watchdog now enjoys through his publicity of the Watchdog.

Sudoku comes to the Watchdog
In Wangaratta, we do not get Sudoku in the newspaper so here is an online Sudoku game. So that you can get a fix any time you want, you will be able to click on the Sudoku image at the bottom of the left hand column of Watchdog News. (…or this one)
There is a never ending supply of games and you can chose your level of difficulty.

Written by Greg Naylor

28 February 2006 at 4:58 pm

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